The New Daughter Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The meaning of the film The New Daughter explanation of the plot & ending. The film The New Daughter is a cinematic product of 2009. The film was directed by Luiso Berdeio. The plot was based on a short story by Irish science fiction writer John Connolly. Judging by the reviews of critics, the film adaptation of the novel was controversial. The main complaint was that the meaning of the film The New Daughter plus the development of the plot were created in a horror formula. However, the picture has a lot of advantages – a decent game of actors, visual effects, sound.

Description of the story

The plot of the film The New Daughter takes place at the moment when the main character of the film (John James) is faced with the betrayal of his wife. Left alone with inner feelings (it is impossible to demonstrate them, because there are two no less shocked children nearby), the man decides to immerse himself in work.

By profession, the main character is a writer. To better concentrate on work, he chooses a cottage built far from civilization. The path to the nearest neighbors takes 30 minutes by car. Together with the writer, children move to new housing.

The main roles in the film were played by:

  • John James – Kevin Costner
  • Louise James – Ivana Baquero;
  • Sam James – Gatlin Griffith.

Relations with the son of the head of the family develop smoothly. But with the eldest daughter, Louise, it does not work out to the end. Before the move, the reason was a transitional age, now the girl is scared by the cottage. Louise constantly hears strange sounds at night. The brother also notices that something is wrong. But, in the tradition of all horror films, adults never listen to the voice of a child.

On a note! The original title of the picture sounds “New daughter”, which means “New daughter”. According to many viewers, a literal translation better conveys what the meaning of the film The New Daughter is.

Louise’s behavior becomes completely inadequate when she and her brother accidentally come across an ancient burial mound (tumulus) on a walk. John begins to believe in otherworldly forces, because strange, sometimes terrible things happen to the girl:

  • Louise goes missing in the middle of the night;
  • the girl’s skin becomes strewn with incomprehensible blisters;
  • after a sudden return, a strange figure appears, Louise cannot explain the origin of the thing.

The situation is escalated when brutal murders began to take place nearby. Against the background of frightening events, an inveterate skeptic John decides to get to the bottom of the truth.

Ending and hidden meaning

The ending of the film The New Daughter is in the best traditions of American horror. John starts to search for information about the cottage on the net (no, to do this before moving). With the help of the Internet, the main character finds out that the cottage has long been notorious. The former owner of the dwelling was found murdered, the woman’s daughter disappeared without a trace.

On a note! The film The New Daughter was not shown in theaters. The tape was immediately released on DVD and Blue-ray discs.

According to local legends, the burial ground found by the children is the abode of ancient monsters. Once every few decades, evil chooses one of the girls living in the area. She must breathe fresh blood into the invaders. When the evil is strong enough, the monsters will be able to go out into the outside world, destroy humanity.

Comparing the facts, John understands that his own daughter will become the next victim of the barrow. The writer decides to protect Louise. However, how the film The New Daughter ended leaves the question open. The director shows the monsters getting out of years of imprisonment. Whether the main characters managed to escape is not known.

The meaning of the film The New Daughter acquires a new sound, if you see, delve into the deep psychological overtones. The move of the main character to a corner on the outskirts symbolizes withdrawal into his own inner world, escape from external problems, limiting contact with society. Creations – books – were embodied in the writer’s children. The youngest son personifies the best, successful creative endeavors. The daughter absorbed pain, fears, resentment, a sense of impending disaster. The meaning of the film’s ending The New Daughter confirms the psychological interpretation. The main character meets his inner monsters. It is not known whether the writer will be able to cope with the dark side of the soul. But understanding the problem is the first step towards a solution.

If we consider the picture of the Damned as an ordinary horror, then viewing can bring some disappointment. There are no heartbreaking scary scenes in the movie. However, the transfer of the tape to the rank of films with meaning allows us to think about the psychological interpretation. The plot suddenly takes on new colors, and viewing becomes more exciting.

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