Cruella Explained: What Happens To The Disney Villain?

The Meaning Of The Film Cruella: Features Of The Plot & The Idea Of ​​the Picture. The cartoon “101 Dalmatians” gained popularity largely due to the eccentric image of the elderly owner of the atelier for the production of clothes, Cruella de Ville. Obsessed with the idea of ​​sewing coats from Dalmatian skins, this elderly lady became a well-known female character, with whom the movie Cruella was released in 2021. The meaning and ending of the film are twisted in such a way that the action captures the audience from the very beginning.

Storyline of the film

What Happens To The Disney Villain In Her Live-Action Origin Story? The eccentric and defiant villainess Cruella from the cartoon “101 Dalmatians” is shown in the film in her youth and youth. Having a difficult life story, when her mother was thrown off a cliff by dogs, a family of Dalmatians, Cruella made a creed for herself to destroy just such a breed. Childhood trauma had a serious impact on the rest of the life of the main character.

Having matured, the girl leaves for a big city and joins a gang. Together with two boys, she gains more independence, and thefts and robberies make her a desperate hooligan and troublemaker. However, soon Cruella discovers in herself the gift of creating unique designer clothes, and finds a job in a large atelier, headed by a woman.

As her talent and self-confidence develop, the girl, continuing to work for the hostess, promotes her own clothing brand called Cruella and begins real hostilities against the owner of the atelier. Numerous vicious attacks, interesting and unexpected actions make the struggle between the owner of the atelier and the main character to work together almost impossible. And here the storyline and the main idea of ​​the film director are revealed in its entirety.

The main intrigue of the picture

The film “Cruella” is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. As you watch, the viewer understands that the life experience of the heroine and the scenario for the development of the picture are based on certain events that greatly influenced the outcome of the film and determine its semantic load.

It turns out that the woman who died from the Dalmatian family was not Cruella’s real mother. The stepmother who loved the girl was treacherously killed by her biological mother, who currently turns out to be the owner of the atelier where the main character works. After setting the dogs on a kind woman, Cruella’s real mother leaves her little daughter a complete orphan and forces her to learn how to survive in a merciless and cruel world on her own.

Having revealed the intrigue of the real, biological mother that took place, the main character brings her mistress and boss to clean water. They stand over the cliff where the girl’s stepmother died. The inhabitants of the estate of the baroness, the owner of the atelier and the head of Cruella, as well as her employees, observe the sentimental picture of the recognition of the mistress of her daughter, see their embrace.

However, even here the woman remains true to herself in her anger: she treacherously throws Cruella off the cliff. Immediately, the evil elderly lady is arrested by the police, who was warned in advance by the main character, and the backpack behind her opens up into a full-fledged and safe parachute. As a result, the girl lands healthy and unharmed on the boat of her henchman.

Having remained the heiress of her mother, Cruella receives full ownership of her mother’s estate, all her property. The estate receives the name “Infernal”, which corresponds to its entire history.

The meaning of the film and the director’s idea

Having gone through a difficult path from a homeless girl to a famous fashion designer, the main character carried her dislike for dogs through her life and became a real villain. However, such metamorphoses with her personality are quite understandable, because dogs, in her understanding, caused the tragic loss of a close loved one.

The meaning of the film, which the director meant during the development of the plot of the whole picture and in the final scene, can be expressed as follows:

traumas inflicted in childhood largely determine the entire future life of a person, and not everyone can cope with problems that originate from childhood; revealed when trying to kill Cruella in the final scene symbolizes the opportunities available to each of us to escape, to lay out the cards of our own lives and even fate in a new way.

Belief in one’s own strength, in the possibilities that open up under certain circumstances, can be called the main idea of ​​the film “Cruella”. Even flying into the abyss, both literally and figuratively, a person must remember that everywhere you can find a reliable support that will support and accept in the most difficult life situations.

The film “Cruella” is remembered for its dynamic development of the storyline, captivates from the very first minutes of viewing. It will be interesting for family viewing, for discussing serious, vital issues that every thinking person faces.

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