The meaning of the film Coherence

Before you start explaining the movie step by step, you should pay attention to the plot. The film itself is quite interesting. Four friendly couples get together and decide to chat about something of their own, discuss recent issues, and tell each other stories. But then the guests at home realize that something extraordinary is happening: the glasses began to break, and the light turned off completely. Turned off, however, not only the house of the host couple, but the whole street, perhaps even the whole city.

Also, friends do not have any way to get through to any service, because in general, all communication was cut down. It seems only an opportunity to spend the rest of the night in the dark, when suddenly the light turned on, but the heroes notice that it also caught fire in a neighboring house. They decide to do reconnaissance and find out if everything is in order with the neighbors opposite. And they understand – these neighbors are they, just a different version of them. The whole company seemed to split in two and ended up in the house opposite, and the main question is how many more of these houses are there with them?

Yes, many people have the impression that the film has an undeservedly high score on many movie portals. As soon as 15-20 minutes pass, even the most indefatigable and skeptical viewers will immediately fall silent and enjoy the picture with rapture.

The film itself was shot in the “pseudo-documentary” format, but the creators after a while leave their own chips, and then return again. This makes the audience think more and more, it is not possible not to notice such leapfrog, at least it does not irritate.

The atmosphere in the film tends to decline from quite tense to, frankly, none at all. The soundtrack could add atmosphere and a few points for emotional perception, but we will not talk about that. The plot is interesting and worth watching.

The meaning of the film Coherence

Any viewer after a little brainstorming can understand that the film is far from science fiction, and the only event that can be considered fantastic is the appearance of a comet, and everything else is an explainable phenomenon from a physics book that was found on one of the characters. The film did not spare its characters at all, and each of the eight characters had their own fears, vices, and hidden thoughts, the film went through all of them. The viewer, in turn, may have been able to identify himself with one of the characters and experience the same emotional experiences as his new counterpart on the screen.

So, it’s time to announce the main idea of ​​the film. And it lies in the eternal struggle, which is familiar not only to the heroes of the film, but also to you and me, the audience – the struggle with oneself inside a single person. By the way, due to the original idea in the series, it is practically impossible to cling to plot inaccuracies, because, if anything, everything can be attributed to another variation.

Of course, not everything is so optimistic, and there are still many moments that a particularly skeptical viewer could take categorically badly. So, for example, the dialogues, completely devoid of meaning for the first 15 minutes, the main character is represented by a blonde who is not the most distant mind, who likes to quote Wikipedia. In principle, one could put a solid B with a plus for the script, and a mark of 5 for the directors at least for taking on the shooting of such an interesting idea with such an “uninteresting” zero budget.

What is the movie Coherenceabout?

After not the best start, the film still enters its active phase and makes the viewer plunge into this unusual atmosphere. However, the ending was quite predictable. The film itself still makes you think about many things, and the blurry ending, some acting inaccuracies and a low budget will not change this. Those questions to which an ordinary person in his daily life would avoid looking for answers are put right here with an edge. As a result, after watching there is a little shock, you need to walk away for a while, thinking about your own questions.

So let’s sum it up. Despite all the flaws, the film is a good psychological thriller, the plot is really original, the idea does not let go even after the end of the picture itself. And the author invites the viewer to immediately think – maybe the fault of all the problems is not the surrounding people. What if the dark, bad side of you is causing problems?

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