Cloud Atlas Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The meaning of the film Cloud Atlas. The movie Cloud Atlas is based on the book. The premiere took place in 2013. This film cannot be called superficial, like the book that was published in 2004, on which it was based. It is quite possible to understand the meaning of the film without reading David Mitchell’s novel, but it is easier to do this after reading the book. The film tells six different stories and shows five amazing reincarnations.

The film was shot by three directors at once, who during the filming had equal powers. Each of the actors played in the film not one role, but several. The film adaptation is very interesting from the point of view of director’s decisions.

Make-up artists did a great job with the actors during the filming of the film. Their work did not go unnoticed – one of the Cloud Atlas awards is for makeup. The special effects in the film are also of a very high standard. The screen adaptation was large-scale and expensive.

A detailed explanation of the film can be understood by reading the novel. But viewers who have not read the bestseller will definitely be hooked by this movie. “Cloud Atlas” immediately received a lot of reviews after the release on the big screen. Some viewers admire this picture, calling it a real masterpiece of cinema, while others say that the film is chaotic, incomprehensible and difficult to understand.

Both the meaning of the film and the meaning of the ending will be clear to the attentive viewer. “Cloud Atlas” can be called a puzzle film, and only after watching it to the end all the parts of the film’s riddle will be combined into a single solution. The picture raises quite serious and exciting questions for almost every person.

The epic adaptation is definitely not an entertaining movie, but it’s worth watching. Comedy, action and drama are mixed in Cloud Atlas, so this movie is extremely interesting to watch.

What is the movie Cloud Atlas about?

On a picturesque beach, an elderly man with an expressive scar tells stories. These are not tales near sparkling firewood, these are vital and deep stories. The narrator describes his past lives.

Once a lawyer helped a runaway slave. A stubborn journalist back in 1973 is actively looking for the truth. The girl is interrogated in the near future. In 2012, the publisher is looking for his way after gaining fame. The composer creates a symphony. All these stories are closely related. All of them are about freedom and the price you have to pay for it. These stories are about love and sacrifice, about struggle and about art.

The stories take place at different times, and there are six of them in total. Story time:

1936; 1849; 1973; year 2012; 2144; 2321 year.

Main characters: American notary, composer, journalist, clone girl, elderly publisher, old man.

Themes raised in the film

One of the themes raised in the film adaptation is choice. You have to choose always, constantly, hourly and every day. And it is this or that choice that brings us to where we are at the moment. Every action has consequences and every choice entails certain events.

The six main characters who change roles are to some extent interconnected in time. And at the same time, their images hint at some kind of constant changeability. Times change, customs change.

The emotions received by the viewer from the film are based on the change of chapters, characters, times. The picture is long – “Cloud Atlas” is almost 3 hours. But it has enough dynamics not to get bored. Each of the stories described in the film could well become an independent film.

The idea of ​​life after death, self-control and its necessity, hope and its importance, cowardice and awareness of one’s dark side, the struggle with oneself – the movie makes you think about a variety of things.

Cloud Atlas is a very beautiful movie, the scale of which is impossible to notice. Offhand and briefly tell what the meaning of the film will not work. It has many different meanings.

The meaning of the film Cloud Atlas

Only at the end of the screening is the viewer given some explanation of the film and what is happening is explained. On the one hand, the film is a few separate stories. On the other hand, these are stories about the same person.

The epilogue fully reveals the meaning of the film’s ending. Cloud Atlas is an amazing story about the infinity of life, about the wheel of samsara, in which the characters pass the baton to each other. One life can change many other lives. The film touches on serious topics, and viewing this film leaves few people indifferent.

“Cloud Atlas” has been nominated for various film awards more than once. The film is included in many prestigious tops. The film received awards for best make-up, best music, best production designer.

The film contains over two hours of original soundtrack. The soundtrack was nominated for a Golden Globe Award.

Many famous actors played in the film: Tom Hanks, Susan Sarandon, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant.

Cloud Atlas is a bright film with a very high-quality picture, expensive special effects and amazing music. It conveys well the story depicted in Mitchell’s original novel. The film is heartfelt, dynamic, making the viewer think.

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