Splice Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The meaning of the film Splice (2009). Before you start explaining the film Splice, you need to delve into the plot. For many years, scientists have dreamed of benefiting the human race: somehow improving the quality of life, getting rid of the most terrible diseases that have managed to terrorize humanity throughout its history. And now, success – as a result of numerous experiments, a pair of some new interesting species of living organisms was bred.

Pulsating pieces of incomprehensible slime were valuable, naturally, not because of their uniqueness. Scientists, in turn, wasted no time in rushing to cross the DNA of animals and created the perfect pair. They could not resist the temptation to challenge mother nature, and they also stuffed the human gene into this “hodgepodge”.

Elsa and Clive are the heroes of our film. Elsa forces Clive to conduct an experiment with her, as a result of which they get an “unknown little animal”, she bleats like a goat, and has an incomprehensible appearance. She has the bald head of a rabbit, the legs of an ostrich. The forelimbs, or rather the fact of their absence, cannot but add questions from the viewer, such a plan as “What kind of mutant did you get, gentlemen scientists?” With all this, the animal learns quickly, and it is not possible to kill it in any way. An immortal being becomes an object of reflection for a married couple. And in the air is the same question that has forced people to make their discoveries throughout human history: “What if ..”

Yes, they adopted their experiment into the family. Biology has given up its positions, the viewer is now in front of the usual family scene: mom, dad, and daughter, from discontent at times turning into an intonation of ultrasound and waving her tail. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? If you put aside humor, then Splice at times becomes really sorry. After all, it was not her choice to exist in such a precarious position, not being able to express her thoughts and see at least someone like herself.

The meaning of the film Splice

So, the film conveys to us certain important things. He conveys this in a very sharp way – a demonstration of terrible things. The viewer is destined to understand that competing with nature is not a man’s business. nothing good will ever come of it.

Fear, disgust, and, of course, compassion – these are almost all companions of a person who is desperate to watch Splice. Nevertheless, you begin to understand very well that a person (and especially a parent) in his life is able to change a lot, both in a positive direction, raising his child as a worthy member of society, and to act negatively. But, regardless of the circumstances, a person is simply obliged to understand his responsibility, especially to the creature that you, being a “malicious scientist”, yourself created and doomed to such, to put it mildly, an unusual existence.

The best thing to do is not to know anything about the film at all – no plot twists or nuances are best revealed if you come across them face to face while watching, and not according to the retelling of a roommate. Author Vincenzo Natali wins in his films by showing the problems of humanity in the most direct way, using the tools of disgust and guilt that are caused in each individual viewer.

Splice can truly be called a brilliant film in the sense that it is able to reveal to a person the main models of behavior of his kind – the very primitive truth that is revealed in front of the audience. We humans have been able to set up pyramids of peculiar causes, effects and various motives, justifications around us, but inside we remain simple. We are those two pieces of organic matter that try to appear complex and think that, despite our own limitations, we can play with nature, imagining ourselves as the creators of the universe. It is this feature of human vice that the director makes fun of in some interesting way.

What is Splice about?

The hardest thing to watch “Splice, of course, is for mothers. Especially the first half can be excruciatingly unbearable for moms. Splice is very accurate in describing the relationship between moms and dads. Relationships and personal characteristics of family members, their reaction to the transformation of a newly-made daughter can cause a lot of emotions not only among an unprepared viewer, but also among a “veteran”.

The film directed by Vincenzo Natali can not be called either a box office or a film for multiple viewing. This movie is truly painful. It leaves behind a very unpleasant painful feeling. And after all, nothing can be said in reproach to this film – everything is done so on purpose, everything is done to last. In some places, of course, interest disappears, and in its place comes internal resistance from viewing this picture. However, the wonderful performance of all the actors and the wonderful soundtrack dilute the film.

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