Adagio Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The meaning of the film Adagio: idea, plot, disturbed problems. The film was shot in 2000 by director Bardin and broke a large number of issues that are very relevant to modern society. This is a display of the impoverishment of the morale of mankind, which is progressing every day.

A person, defiling another person with words and deeds, is faced with the fact that the dirt thrown at someone remains in the hands of the offender. And often does not reach the object. This worldly wisdom is described thanks to the image of Christ – there are a lot of such analogies in this film, so it has a certain educational character.

The image of Jesus is very common in culture, because the dogmas of morality and the correct attitude towards others and life in general are attached to it. But there is also the opposite side of this image – humanity does not perceive him as the Messiah. People are ready to tear to shreds their teacher, who came to teach kindness, mercy, mutual understanding and worldly wisdom.

But society is arranged in such a way that, over time, it increasingly renounces its history, religion, does not recognize previously relevant values. In addition, there is no longer that tolerance and tolerance for other people’s opinions, respect for worldview, skin color, religion – man is a wolf to man. Some people are ready to deal cruelly with those who make a fair remark to him on the street – it seems that humanity is returning to primitive times, when it was necessary to defend territory and fight for a place in the sun.

Conflicts of interests and values, wars over politics and the division of territories and human resources – this is what has become everyday for modern man. We live in conditions of a heightened reaction of people to what is happening and the ability to repulse any offender – whether it is necessary or not. Some countries attack the territories of their neighbors, take away land and leave after a certain time, leaving the desert – without infrastructure, with a destroyed economy, hunger, poverty, poverty and despair. People destroy rare animals that are on the verge of extinction because of their obscene and indifferent behavior and attitude towards nature. No one thinks about what will remain on this earth for his children and grandchildren – environmental pollution, a huge amount of unsafe substances that enter the water, soil, thoughtless destruction of forests, burning grass, which turns into uncontrolled fires. All this will someday lead to the disappearance of all life on the planet, thanks to which a person can exist here.

But if everything were limited only to an indifferent attitude towards nature! A person can easily kill another person, commit a terrorist attack, undermine a crowd, destroy his own child – it becomes scary to live on this earth, because sometimes human cruelty has no boundaries and sometimes it is very difficult to stop it.

And when a person comes who wants to stop all this and bring others to reason, they throw mud at him and say that he does not understand anything and does not know how to live. Christ also deserves such a fate – he is despised and crucified because he wanted to bring more love and tolerance towards others into human society. This is scary, because for the desire to help and suggest the right path, you can pay with your life.

The person is very cruel, and this cruelty gradually erases kindness from his face, increasing hatred, anger, greed, vanity. Such concepts as love, kindness, generosity, honesty and the desire to help without any benefit are perceived as something funny, wild. It’s rare in today’s world to be kind, appreciative, and sacrifice yourself for someone else.

Humanity needs to change for the better and try to make love the main virtue of its life. No need to stuff yourself with anger and hatred, spreading it still more. We must try to accept this world in a new guise – kindness and understanding should become companions in the life of every person living on this planet. Then, perhaps, humanity will begin to appreciate what it has, will begin to learn its history, religion, and will be able to avoid repeating the mistakes that have already been made. This is the whole point of the film.

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