Fifty Shades of Grey Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The Meaning Of The Film Fifty Shades of Grey: Plot Summary, Ending Explained In 2015, the film adaptation of the 1st part of Erica Leonard’s trilogy novel “50 Shades of Grey” appeared. Did director Sam Taylor Jones manage to convey the mysterious atmosphere of the book? Here the opinions of film critics differ, as well as about what is the meaning of the film Fifty Shades of Grey.

Plot Summary

Before thinking about the meaning of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, let’s remember the plot of the 1st part of the trilogy.

Literature graduate Anastasia Steele (Ana) fills in for her sick friend Kate by interviewing young oligarch Christian Grey. The billionaire has to give a speech at their graduation. Mutual sympathy arises between young people.

Christian comes to the store where Ana works as a sales clerk, buying duct tape, wire ties, and rope. The girl offers the oligarch to hold a photo shoot for the newspaper, he agrees. After the photo shoot, Mr. Gray and Anastacia go to a cafe. There, Christian finds out about the romantic mood of his companion and runs away, deciding that they are not on the way. The main character doesn’t need a relationship.

After the final exam, Anya receives a package from Gray with books by the heroine’s favorite author. Ana and Kate go to a party where the photographer José confesses his love to the girl and begins to pester her. Christian protects Anastasia, takes her to him. The next morning, he confesses his strange tastes in sex and talks about the contract that Steel must sign.

In the evening, Ana and Christian fly to Seattle by helicopter. A man shows a torture-pleasure playroom. Here, according to the agreement, the dominant (Mr. Gray) will punish the concurrent (Mrs. Still). At the same time, Christian is not ready for ordinary romantic relationships, including sleeping in the same bed. The heroes have sex, but the girl is in no hurry to sign the contract.

It is interesting! Jamie Dornan is not the first time he plays the role of a hero with an animal essence. Earlier in the series “The Fall” the actor played a real maniac.

In the morning, Anastasia meets Christian’s good-natured mother. On the way home, the hero tells Anya why he became like this – at the age of 15, his mother’s friend made him a sex slave.

Red room: so beckoning and frightening

The girl for a long time does not dare to agree to a tough relationship. At graduation, Ana promises to try. They have sex in Christian’s playroom. The girl likes light punishments.

The next day, young people go to Gray’s parents – his sister arrived. Here the oligarch learns that Anastacia is going to Georgia. He is angry, he wants to punish her – to spank her.

Ana goes to Georgia to visit her parents. Gray comes to her. Together they have lunch, fly gliders.

Upon arrival home, Christian continues to introduce the heroine to his playroom. After another sex, Anastacia asks her partner about the reasons for his oddities. The answer is simple: “These are my 50 shades of grey.” To understand her beloved, the girl asks to punish her as much as possible. Then she gets 6 blows with a belt in the torture chamber. After suffering pain, Ana refuses to continue the relationship, leaves.

Plot Explanation

Viewers and critics often argue about the meaning of the erotic film Fifty Shades of Grey. It seems to some that the melodrama is about a maniac, violence and reigning lawlessness, to others it is about love and its possibilities to change a person for the better.

The meaning of the film Fifty Shades of Grey is in 2 main ideas:

  • The essence of the beast cannot be banished, nor can it be ignored. But a person can calm her down.
  • Love can tame any animal, even humans.

The protagonist is a seemingly self-confident, brutal, attractive man, but inside is a hunted animal boy, severely offended by fate and angry for this at the whole world, especially at women. His biological mother is a prostitute and drug addict who died of a drug overdose.

Christian has burns on his chest. It is not for nothing that the hero protects this zone from touches in such a way – they bring him pain and evoke memories of a terrible past.

His hatred of his mother makes him hate all women, especially brunettes. Here is one of the reviews for the film Fifty Shades of Grey: “But Gray could become a maniac. And everything would be much more interesting!”.

We must pay tribute to the hero – he did not become a maniac, a rapist and a murderer, as happens with many people mentally traumatized by a difficult childhood. Gray learned to cope with his essence of the beast. He punishes only those who agree to this, who want thrills. At the same time, the hero controls himself and does not do what he does not want to combine.

Love wins

Due to a difficult childhood, Christian does not believe that he can be loved, that he himself is able to love. And when he meets Anastasia, the feelings that have arisen scare him. At the same time, it is difficult for the hero to refuse the object of attraction.

Have you noticed? The movie Fifty Shades of Grey bears resemblance to the “Twilight” saga throughout. The mystery of the atmosphere, the behavior of the characters, even their appearance – everything is reminiscent of a fantasy drama with vampires.

From the moment he meets Ana Steele, the brutal oligarch begins to change. The man is not a romantic, but he takes the girl to a cafe, gives her books, flies with her in a helicopter and gliders, dances before going out and stealthily admires the heroine’s reaction to signs of attention. Christian finds an excuse to introduce romantic dates – that’s what his beloved wants. However, the hero himself also wants this – not with someone, but with Anastasia.

Throughout the film, 2 parts of the soul fight among themselves in Christian:

  • has long been dominant – cruel, painful, wounded;
  • recently awakened – deep, sensual, loving.

Here it is appropriate to turn to the question of what is the meaning of the title of the film Fifty Shades of Grey. The melodrama shows all shades of the multifaceted personality of the protagonist Gray (gray): from black (dark side) to white (light part of the soul).

It is difficult for Christian to admit the defeat of his dark side – he is used to not depending on others, controlling everything around, being indifferent or cruel. But love sets its own rules – and it is useless to fight it.

On a note! Many viewers mistakenly consider the film Fifty Shades of Grey as a separate melodrama. Therefore, sometimes the essence of the picture is misinterpreted. Do not forget about the presence of 2 more parts of the erotic trilogy. Everything described in the first chapter is only the beginning of the story, many secrets have not yet been revealed here. The meaning of the film will largely be revealed after watching the second (“50 shades darker”) and third (“50 shades of freedom”) parts of the trilogy.

What is the essence of the ending

How did 50 Shades of Gray end? What is the meaning of the ending?

At the end of the melodrama, Ana saw the truly dark side of her love. The hero got pleasure when he punished the girl with a belt. And this caused disgust in Anastacia. She is not ready to put up with such cruelty, even for the sake of her beloved.

Can Christian change in the name of love? Already in the red room, the hero realizes the horror of what happened – he hurt the one that is so dear to him. This pain is not only physical, even more emotional. Gray is clearly not ready to lose the woman who transformed him, made him a man capable of loving and being loved. The hero is ready to become different for the sake of Ana – this can be understood from the last frame.

The meaning of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey is that love can change everything around. Even opponents of erotic paintings watch it without taking their eyes off it. 2 hours pass like a blink of an eye. The intriguing plot, the sensual play of the actors are so addictive that you want to review the picture again and again.

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