Perfect Sense Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The fantastic melodrama Perfect Sense intrigues already with its title. British director David Mackenzie combined strong deep feelings in his film a great psychological drama. This is not a love story where the characters fight for each other’s attention. This is an action-packed exploration film about the aftermath of an apocalyptic event. However, everything is not so simple here either. Conflicting reviews suggest that there is no consensus on the main idea of ​​the film. The film Perfect Sense must be analyzed in detail in order to understand its hidden meaning.

The meaning of the movie Perfect Sense

Many viewers are sure that David Mackenzie’s film is a mood film. In the work, the director focused on feelings, emotions, sensations. He is more interested not in the ongoing events, but in the attitude of the characters towards them. The audience is imbued with a touching story of the main characters. By their example, the characters showed that true love exists. But with each new day, it is becoming more and more difficult for the actors to prove it. They found themselves in such living conditions that dictate a difficult choice for them. But the viewer observes not only the love line. The meaning of the fantastic film Perfect Sense is to show the incredible power of human feelings.

Compassion, compassion, support. And the belief that everything will be fine. Despite the obvious denial of an unpleasant and strange situation. The talented director in his film showed even complex controversial topics beautifully. The viewer observes the expression of the characters’ feelings without taking their eyes off. The film-study reveals the hidden corners of the soul. What can a man do for his love? What crazy things is he ready to do so that his soulmate is nearby?

The film Perfect Sense analyzes human behavior in extreme conditions. Every day the taste of life to feel more and more difficult. You don’t want to enjoy the new day the way you used to. The surrounding people change beyond recognition. How to remain human in such conditions? Feelings suddenly disappear one by one. But no one canceled the physiological needs, because every person needs something to eat. Lack of food can lead to huge problems. But what will happen to love in this case?

The events taking place on the screen can be compared with a mistake of fate, someone’s malicious intent. Are all these actions possible in the modern world? In pursuit of material wealth, people stopped paying attention to true feelings. Around deceit, distrust, secrecy. Scandalous showdown has become the norm of family life. The man tried several locks to close his heart. Not to know, not to feel, not to realize. But within each of us lies an all-consuming inner strength. It depends only on us in what direction we will direct it.

Despite the presence of problems, difficulties, incredible trials, sincere emotions must remain in our world. It is these feelings that drive our existence. The psychological comfort in our house depends on them. You can not live only for yourself and for your own sake. Maybe someone needs your help. The main thing is to be with those who need it at the right time and at the right time. To later regret the missed opportunities. The meaning of the touching film is to make every viewer understand that under no circumstances should one betray one’s love. After all, without it, life has no meaning.

The meaning of the finale of the film Perfect Sense

Can the film Perfect Sense be called life? Partly yes. The director tried to reveal the secret of human feelings. Despite the abundance of third-party episodes, the viewer will definitely understand the main thing. Exactly what the creators of the touching film wanted to convey to him. The meaning of the film’s finale is to show everyone that sincere feelings work wonders. The human soul is limitless. If a person fills it with love, compassion, care, then everything will definitely be fine.

In the film, considerable attention is also paid to the theme of gluttony. But it does not look ugly or ridiculous. Everything is clear, precise and to the point. The director is well aware that not only feelings and emotions are of interest to the audience, but also everyday problems. Basic human needs. Without their satisfaction, a full-fledged human existence is impossible. However, it is sincere deep feelings that fill our life with meaning.

Some film critics disagreed with the director’s position. They felt that the creator of the film Perfect Sense turned his film into an unreal fairy tale. That what is happening on the screen is so absurd that the viewer involuntarily looks away. This point of view also has a right to exist. The film Perfect Sense can not be perceived as a worthwhile film, it can be admired. But she certainly will not leave anyone indifferent. The picture will evoke genuine emotions in everyone. But what will they be: negative or positive? Each viewer will answer this question for himself.

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