Boss Level Ending Explained & Film Analysis

In 2020, the long-awaited sci-fi and action film called Boss Level (2021) was released in many countries. Directed by Joe Carnahan, who already has considerable experience in filming films in a similar atmosphere: “The A-Team”, “Drug Lord”, “Smoking Aces” and so on. Film fans have probably heard about these works, and not just once.

The film was based on the well-known “Groundhog Day”, which can be evidenced not only by what is happening in the film, but also by consonant names, the difference of which lies only in the first letter of the second word.

Let’s look at how this movie ended and what is the meaning of its ending.

The plot of the movie

For a single day, a special forces officer who has already served can not live in peace and tranquility. Roy Palver is constantly fighting his enemies, repelling them, risking his life and health. However, each time he dies, and then resurrects again and starts another day of slaughter from scratch. The only difference is that they will kill him every next time in a new way.

What was left for him to do, because it seemed that there was no way out of this time loop? Yes, nothing supernatural and special, since he could not do anything. Surely, he would not have refused such a temporary trap, only if the conditions of life in which he wakes up every time after another death are changed. But it was impossible to change them, so drinking, having fun and enjoying your own immortality seemed the only way out of the situation.

But one day, Roy Palver learns about a strange event: the girl with whom he once had a relationship turned out to be dead. This shocks the protagonist, and he decides to look into the circumstances of her death. Thus, he will understand not only how his ex-lover died, but also how to get out of this Boss Level

As a result, the hero, having overcome many obstacles, still achieves his goal.

Meaning of the movie’s ending

The ending of the movie is as interesting as the movie itself. Roy gets out of the time loop, all the madmen and murderers who attacked him every day are finally destroyed, the son of Palver, who was also dying, like his father, is also saved. The ex-girlfriend, who is also the current lover, is also safe.

The former special forces officer does not want to get involved and understand the particle accelerator machine, does not want to use the super ability to resurrect after death, because now he has what he wanted – peace and loved ones nearby … But still he decides to stop the action “Spindles of Osiris”. Everyone warns Roy that this could lead to unclear consequences, up to a new cycle or Roy’s death, but Roy goes into the unknown anyway. At the end, the watching movie sees that flashes start all over the screen, and then a black screen. Palver’s body could not withstand such a huge load, but all the villains, including the main attacker Clive Ventor.

It is possible that Palver still escaped. Fans say that a happy ending is also likely, because in fact the specific death of the hero was not shown, but only flashes and Roy’s approximate face. This theory says that the spindle stopped working because the hero hit it. Accordingly, Palver survives, perhaps he has weakened to some extent or lost his superpower. But now his life is definitely not in danger, and he can spend the rest of it with his family.

There is another version, which is a little tricky, but most likely is the right key to unraveling what happened at the end. It is assumed that one of the ancient Egyptian myths about Isis and Osiris formed the basis. If we transfer this myth to our history, we get the following picture: after Roy experienced a series of resurrections, he could not acquire a human body and, as a result, get into the world of people.

The meaning of the film is that you need to make self-sacrifice and risk in order to save your loved ones, and just ordinary people. After all, no one knew what the action of the particle accelerator would have led to, because it was impossible to stop it if Roy had not performed such a feat.

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