American Beauty Explained: Who Killed Lester?

Analysis the dramatic film “American Beauty” became director Sam Mendes’ debut work. The film was warmly received by the public. The American tape was also liked by critics. The film won numerous awards, including five Oscar statuettes. Let’s try to figure out why the picture “American Beauty” is named one of the best creative works and what is the meaning of this dramatic film.

The hero of the film no longer wants to return to his house after work. Family life no longer brings him satisfaction. He feels deeply unhappy. The character is facing a midlife crisis. And the hero understands that this can no longer continue. He is tired of the hypocrisy. The film “American Beauty” describes the search for the meaning of existence. Sometimes it can be difficult to overcome fear and radically change your life. But even in the current conditions, the character is no longer able to exist.

It depends only on the person himself how he will use the time that is destined for him. Some begin to blame others for all their troubles and misfortunes, complain about their problems and difficulties. But you can accept the situation and realize that everything that happens to a person is not just like that. This is the meaning of the movie “American Beauty”.

The meaning of the emotional film “American Beauty”

The life of the character in the film can be called boring and monotonous. No flashy events or spontaneous travels. Everything is quiet and even. At some point, the hero realized that this constraint did not allow him to develop, to breathe deeply. He needed freedom. It was he who was to become the center of his life. The hero realized that he hated his job with all his heart, but he stubbornly continued to go to his advertising agency. It was impossible not to feel the internal conflict, not to notice. It’s like a ticking time bomb. And one day she made herself known.

The film “American Beauty” about the fact that a person’s life should be meaningful. People must give up opportunism. It must be rejected by any means possible. Otherwise, they will never know true happiness.

This story is filled with emotional experiences. Some episodes make viewers laugh out loud. But there are scenes after which a person will not be able to hold back tears. Initially, the storyline seems mundane. A simple American living in the provinces. The main character is surrounded by people who do not respect him, and even more so do not appreciate him. He is of no interest to them. And over time, this circumstance began to greatly disturb the character. But the hero does not know how to emerge victorious from this difficult labyrinth.

When a person loses his taste for life, only he himself can save him. If the character no longer feels the joy of his existence, only he is to blame. Even in the most difficult situations, you always need to move forward. Even if everything gets out of control in the external world, a person can control his internal state. The character in the movie is not a loser. He just got confused in himself, lost confidence. In a difficult life period, he was alone with his problems. No one could lend a helping hand to him. But behind the mask of an apathetic, lack of initiative character, there is a person with a rich inner world. Only he is constantly haunted by fears that do not allow him to develop.

But one meeting changes his attitude. In the hero, his best personal qualities wake up again. He rejoices every new day. The character begins to notice beauty in everything that surrounds him. He no longer wants to be sad and suffer. The wife of the hero of the film is also difficult to call a happy woman. But those around her have no idea what is going on in her soul. The heroine plays the role of a successful woman who is satisfied with her life. Only it’s not. Her family is far from her ideal ideas. But she is afraid that one day it will become known to someone else.

People place too much value on what others think of them. They don’t always realize that everyone has problems. Characters are used to smiling, shining in public. It just doesn’t make them happier. People don’t understand that they have to deal with their own lives.

American Beauty is an amazing story about beauty and its representation. Beauty is in every person. It fills life with light, bright events, joyful moments. Beauty is everywhere. One has only to slow down the frantic pace of life, abstract from the routine of endless affairs and look around. Beauty cannot be escaped or hidden. Only to notice it is extremely difficult, and for some characters it is completely impossible. But from this it does not lose its value. Beauty is as essential as air. Without it, you can not breathe deeply, inhaling the unique aroma of happiness. People who do not strive to live to the fullest miss out on moments that could be the best in their lives. The multifaceted, emotional, inspiring painting “American Beauty” is a kind of hint that you need to get out of your “shell”.

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