Titanic Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Titanic is one of the most beloved films of many people, it has been recognized as one of the best of the past century. The film strikes many with its love line, but most people still watch the film to see how a huge ship with thousands of people on board can sink.

Features of the plot of Titanic

The film attracted many with reliable pictures of saving people, death, because this is a truly epic moment when the ship sinks. However, if some perceive the film only as a historical perspective on the death of a famous liner. Many see here only the love line of Rose and Jack.

The film begins by showing us how a modern exploration ship set out to find a diamond called the Heart of the Ocean. The elderly Rose was invited to find out the location of the diamond, while the elderly woman began to tell the story of her love, but the main thing she started with was a description of the journey on the Titanic. Rose tried to get to America with her mother and with her fiancé – rich and famous. However, in parallel, we are shown that Rose is unhappy, it was decided for her when she should marry and to whom. Her mother constantly reminds her that if she refuses this suitor, otherwise the family will be completely ruined.

However, the young heroine does not understand this moment and wants to live freely, as she likes. Acquaintance with Jack occurs when he saves her from jumping into the abyss of the ocean. She was so tired of her fiancé and life in prison. Jake saves Rose and they form a sweet friendship. But at the same time, Rose admires Jack, because he is free, does what he wants, travels, he is not bound by any obligations. Jack, in turn, talks about his hobbies, he shows portraits that he draws very well, but mostly these are portraits of French prostitutes, because he has no money for real models.

Jack is invited to dinner at a first-class restaurant as a thank you, and Rose’s entire family and friends are introduced. Naturally, Jack looks like an ill-mannered dork compared to the elite of the Titanic. However, Rose is actually telling him a lot of secrets about how people in first grade spend their time. Men travel with mistresses, some cheat on their wives, some are ruined, but they keep the mark. Many rich people live in lies, in their own world of arrogance and imaginary intelligence.

The main idea of ​​the film

The meaning of the cult film “Titanic”. However, despite the plot of the film, they are trying to show us that there is a global difference between people of the first and third class. Jack would never fit into that category despite being given a fine suit. The difference is especially noticeable when the liner begins to sink, the best places on the boats go to the first class. If you look at the statistics, then most of the people died from the third class, because they were locked in the cabins, released so that they would not create a crowd on the deck. Many people understood that they would not be saved and calmly accepted their death. On the other hand, we are shown, no matter how rich you are, how many jewels you take with you on the ship, at any moment you can lose almost everything and remain on the same level with all people. Those who escaped sat in boats for hours waiting for help, and no matter how much money you had, everyone had to freeze along with ordinary people.

As for love, they tried to show us true love, but the main thing that the film teaches us is to live to the fullest, you don’t have to waste time finding happiness, you need to experience happiness every moment of your life. The main idea of ​​the film is that it does not say that it is necessary to sacrifice one’s life in order to spend one day with a loved one, but it is important to enjoy every day, even if there is no love. Old Rose said that she lived for Jack, he told her that she must continue to live, because no one has the right to take life, even from himself. Rose lived a decent life, she started a family of children, despite the fact that she remembered Jack all her life.

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