Spirited Away Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Hayao Miyazaki is a true master and genius of Japanese animation. His films are considered among the best, so they constantly receive a huge number of awards at various animation festivals. It is often compared to Disney, but this is fundamentally wrong, because only Miyazaki’s cartoons can be called alive and real. Disney paintings are as artificial and unnatural as possible. Therefore, Hayao, according to a huge number of fans, is the best animator (and now the director with the screenwriter). His cartoon called “Spirited Away” is a truly cult work that you want to review again and again. In addition to the beautiful visuals, Miyazaki filled the picture with a deep meaning, which is divided into several micro-themes. In this article, we would like to analyze the main messages of the cartoon, because this is the only way to fully understand the picture!

The meaning of the cartoon Spirited Away

Growing up and becoming a personality

Chihiro, the main character of the picture, initially appears to us as a lazy and not very good girl. Her behavior leaves much to be desired. You can see it from the first frames. However, as the story progresses, she completely changes for the better. And, of course, this is supported by the author of the animated film.

The girl understands the value of work and the hardships of an adult life. This makes her truly mature morally, which, of course, is reflected in other aspects of her life. The same behavior becomes mature and reserved. The way it should ideally be. And the viewer grows with it, which allows even a small child to realize the norms of morality. Not every animated work can achieve a similar effect.

The real world where there is no pure white and black

Hayao Miyazaki also deliberately presents us with a world where there is no division into black or white. This does not happen by chance, because real life is also multifaceted. We understand that, unlike Disney cartoons, reality cannot be expressed only in white or black. The world is closer to gray. The author understands this, so the characters change and make mistakes. And that’s okay! This theme is intertwined with the theme of growing up, because it is it that is most often filled with mistakes. However, this is not a reason to lose heart, because every mistake can be corrected in the future. This is the moral of the cartoon. The instructive lesson for Chihiro is a great example of correcting your own mistakes!

Greed of mankind

From the very beginning of the story, we see the global problem of human greed. Even Chihiro’s parents succumb to it when they start eating spirit food. Hayao Miyazaki presents this attitude to the world from the worst side. He strongly condemns such actions, which is clear from the first seconds of the cartoon. Only a new generation in the person of Chihiro can fix this. It is to those like her that he gives an important mission to purify human souls from greed and greed.

Environmental problems

Haku, the river deity, appears to us as a dirty creature. Even Yubaba takes him for a garbage dump spirit. However, after washing, we see the purest creation, the most beautiful of which cannot be found in the whole world. Later we learn that before the appearance of people, Haku was always like this, but then his river was covered up, so he became dirty.

Hayao Miyazaki draws the attention of the younger generation to the mistakes of the old. It is important to learn how to correct them, otherwise the beauty of nature will become just a dump, devoid of life.

Too Influential West

If you take a good look at the characters of the cartoon, you can see that only the Yubaba witch has a European type of appearance, besides, her home is furnished in a European way. However, her personality leaves much to be desired. She is greedy, impudent, her workers are poor – all this refers to the fact that the West is destroying the rest of the world, making her poor. Leaving her domain, even the Faceless becomes kinder. Perhaps Miyazaki wanted to emphasize the destructive influence of the West on the whole world and its economy.

The meaning of the ending

In the finale, Chihiro saves his parents and the world around him from the “infection” that reigns in him. She personifies the new generation, which will have to eliminate the mistakes of the past inhabitants of our planet. However, the result is worth it – a harmonious and bright world, where absolutely every element of it pleases the eye!

In the cartoon “Spirited Away” there is still a lot of meaning, which not everyone can see. Perhaps you should watch or re-watch it yourself? Many viewers have stated that re-viewing the picture allows you to open it from a completely different side. Try it!

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