Hedgehog in the Fog Ending Explained & Cartoon Analysis

The old Soviet cartoon, created by director Yuri Norshtein, is constantly reviewed by both adults and children. Many people find a hidden meaning in a beautiful cartoon.

The plot of the cartoon hedgehog in the fog

An incredibly sad and kind story tells about two friends – the Hedgehog and the Bear cub. In the evenings they counted the stars, each in his own direction. Once the Hedgehog, as usual, went to the Bear. He carried raspberry jam in a bundle so that he and his friend could drink tea from a samovar. His Little Bear always put with juniper twigs.

On the way, the Hedgehog fell into the fog, where he met incredible creatures. An elephant and a huge snail, a sad horse and funny moths, creepy bats. And a mysterious creature that lives in the river and speaks politely, but silently. This strange creature helped the Hedgehog get to the shore. A good-natured dog brought a lost bundle of jam to the Hedgehog. And the Bear cub, meanwhile, was looking for the Hedgehog. Friends met and began to count the stars, each in his own way. If they do not do this, then who will count the stars?

What is the meaning of the cartoon hedgehog in the fog

Every human creation has a hidden meaning. He is also in the cartoon “Hedgehog in the Fog.”

mystical variant

The mysterious cartoon is full of mysticism. The fog that the Hedgehog fell into symbolizes a mysterious other world full of fantastic creatures. The owl chasing the main character is a symbol of evil forces, the dog that returned the bundle of jam to the Hedgehog is a symbol of goodness. Bats also symbolize evil, and a sad white horse personifies death.

Spectators with a developed imagination see the Hedgehog’s path to the afterlife along the river that carries him somewhere. They compare the river with the river of the dead from mythology.

space version

Upon careful study of the cartoon, the idea arises that the Hedgehog got into space. At the beginning, a barely noticeable silhouette of a flying saucer flickers, and such dense fog and bright stars can only be in space, so far and close.


There is a good cartoon and philosophical meaning. The hedgehog wanders in the fog of his own consciousness and reflects on the mysteries of life and the mystery of the world around him.

Coming out of the fog of absurdities and contradictions, the Hedgehog meets good. But he never stops thinking about the meaning of life.

And the mysterious tree symbolizes knowledge. One has only to pass through it, and much will become clear.


The creators of a good story about the Hedgehog teach children to overcome childhood fears. Everyone in childhood was afraid of something. Trees could seem like vicious giants, fog and darkness spawned terrible monsters.

But the little brave Hedgehog overcame all fears and came out of the fog to his friend.


The tale of the Hedgehog and the Bear cub teaches kindness and true friendship. The bear cub was worried about his friend and went to look for him. The cartoon teaches to believe in true friendship, to appreciate and cherish it. Otherwise, with whom, then, to count the stars?

Using the example of mysterious characters, the cartoon teaches to help others. A strange creature helped the Hedgehog when he fell into the river, the dog brought a bundle of jam. All of them helped the Hedgehog without demanding anything in return.

About faith

There is also a hint of religion in a good cartoon – a firefly flying over a branch in the hands of the Hedgehog resembles a church candle. And one gets the impression that the character makes his own religious procession, striving for light from darkness.

When the Hedgehog swims along the river, he surrenders to the will of the current and expects the river to carry him somewhere.

Learning is light

In the cartoon there are also symbols showing the benefits of knowledge.

The hedgehog is pursued by an owl – a symbol of wisdom, at first frightening, then not scary anymore. As well as studying, which at first scares. A tree with a mysterious passage represents the entrance to the world of knowledge.

The hedgehog is not afraid of moths, not afraid of a creepy owl. He knows that these creatures will not harm him.

For adults

There is also a hidden meaning in the children’s cartoon.

Adults will notice clear associations with real life there. People who previously wandered in the fog of ignorance and faith are coming out into the light.

The meaning of the ending of the cartoon Hedgehog in the Fog

The mysterious cartoon ends quite predictably. The hedgehog, who survived so many incredible adventures in the mysterious fog, reached the Little Bear’s house. Seeing a friend who was worried about him and had already begun to look for him, the Hedgehog gradually moved away from the foggy obsession. The whole past seemed like a dream to him. From this state he was brought out by the excited voice of the Bear cub, asking about the jam.

Friends began to count the stars again. The hedgehog was worried about one thought – what about the horse?

The meaning of the pacifying ending is that after unrest and fears, peace and joy will certainly come. And then it will be possible to calmly do your favorite thing again – to count the stars.

And the finale makes it clear that it is good to have a friend who is able to pull out of the fog and give peace and happiness.

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