Meaning of the book “White Fang” by Jack London

The meaning of the book “White Fang” by Jack London is the journey of a dog from an Indian to a white engineer through the thorns of fighting games. Jack London wrote a lot of wonderful works in his life, which are still found by grateful readers. One of the immortal creations of the author is the story “White Fang”, the meaning of which we will analyze today.

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Plot Summary & Analysis

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In the center of the plot is a half-wolf, which the first owner Gray Beaver called the White Fang. He grew up in the wild, but the half-wolf with his mother Kichi gets to the Indian, and stay with him.

Local dogs are hostile to the White Fang, as they sense a wolf in him.

Once, by cunning and deceit, the White Fang is redeemed from the Indian by Handsome Smith, who exposes the half-wolf to the underground fighting arena. However, after a while, everything does not go according to plan, and the animal is on the verge of death.

Luckily, Windon Scott arrives in time to rescue White Fang.

The meaning of the book

It’s no secret that London got the idea for the story from personal observations of animals and their owners. Seeing the cruelty of representatives of his species, he wanted to remind the work of respect for nature and our smaller brothers.

According to one theory, we appeared on Earth by wild chance, and managed to take the top of the food chain only by cunning and an amazing ability to adapt to environmental conditions.

The main characters of the story

There are not so many characters in the story, which is understandable, based on the format of the work:

Kichi is the mother of the main four-legged hero. White Fang is a half-wolf born from a wolf and Kichi in the North Wilderness. Gray Beaver is a native Indian and the first owner of a half-wolf. It was he who gave the hero a nickname. Handsome Smith is the second owner, who kept the hero for profit, exposing him in underground dog fights. Windon Scott is the third and last owner of the White Fang, who helped and cured him, gave him happiness and peace.
The meaning of the book

The meaning of the book, the main idea

Jack London in his story raises the theme of the relationship between wild animals and humans. The author consistently shows that even an animal born in the wild can be tamed with understanding, good attitude and affection. The result is not a half-starved, bloodthirsty creature, but a reasonable and faithful friend.

Also, Jack London very clearly shows the attitude of some people towards animals. I think a lot of people in the world are like Handsome Smith and don’t consider dogs to be family members. Before them is just a biomaterial that can be used for their own purposes.

The meaning of the book

The meaning of the story “White Fang” is the preservation of unity with nature and the respectful attitude of man towards animals. In a world that promotes uncontrolled consumption, there are already few people left who sincerely see animals as their younger comrades, and not a tool for profit or soulless things.

Only in the house of the last owner, White Fang finally saw a real person who is ready for a lot for the sake of his four-legged friend. The half-wolf, seeing such an attitude towards himself, is gradually imbued with bright feelings and love for a person, and finally gets a chance for a happy life side by side with a biped.

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