Meaning of the book The Mysterious Case of Billy Milligan

How multiple personalities can save you from prison? The story of the criminal, who, according to his own statements, contained 24 different personalities, is known, for sure, to everyone. Indeed, the personality has become cult, even the film “Split” largely copies the original story.

However, few people know that according to Billy himself, somewhat embellished by the writer Daniel Keyes, appeared on the shelves of bookstores. So today we will consider the meaning of documentary work. Get comfortable, it will be interesting!

The story of the creation of the book

The Secret History of Billy Millgan

Being treated in a psychiatric hospital in Ohio, Milligan contacted Keys on his own and asked him to write a book about him. The author agreed on the condition that he tell him more than doctors, cops and journalists. To which Billy said that he practically did not remember anything.

Keys was about to give up this idea, as Milligan informed him that all his personalities had finally united in the image of the Teacher, and he remembered everything. Coincidence? I don’t think.

However, in 1988 he was declared healthy and released.

Billy Milligan.

It is quite logical that the author himself could somewhat embellish Milligan’s personalities, if they existed at all. However, the documented facts and studies of the criminal’s brain have not been carried out.

The meaning of the work

In his documentary book, Keys details the favorite activities and abilities of each of Billy’s personalities. For example, one is fluent in Serbian, and the other is fond of karate. However, in reality, all these wonderful reincarnations have not been shown and proven.


The author also admitted in an interview that he drew information not only from the words of Billy himself, but also collected data from the lips of another 62 people. We hope that these were not nonames, but at least people who are familiar with our hero or who have observed him. Remarkably, none of these 62 people contacted the press to reveal details about Billy Milligan’s life or personalities.

The meaning of the book is not in a scientific approach or real documentaries, but rather in the desire to hype on an interesting and burning topic. Indeed, there had never been such high-profile cases before, and the authorities did not know how to react to this.

Billy Milligan

But Billy, most likely, was just an actor without an Oscar, like DiCaprio until recently, who realized in time that you can not only play your role well, but also earn millions on your legend.

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