The meaning of the book “God as an illusion” by Richard Dawkins: how a religious atheist hit biology and the origin of man

There are so many books in the world now that in a lifetime a person will not be able, even with a strong desire, to read even half. However, this does not mean that you need to stop doing it. On the contrary, it is better to choose literature wisely so as not to waste time.

Today we will talk about the meaning of the book “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins. So sit back, it will be interesting!

Briefly about the author

Richard Dawkins was born in 1941 in Nairobi (modern Kenya). The father and memory of the future evolutionary biologist worked in the state of Malawi, and were quite educated. They tried to answer little Richard’s questions from a scientific point of view, but the future scientist still lacked the words of his parents. Therefore, the boy was forced to visit the library of the Anglican Church.

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Richard’s interest in biology appears to have arisen from the nature of his environment. Since it was Kenya with exotic and wild nature, the boy observed a lot of interesting plants and animals from a young age. Gradually, Dawkins came to the conclusion that only evolutionary theory can more or less rationally explain the origin of all species on Earth.

Richard Dawkins graduated from Oxford, then received a Ph.D., worked as an assistant professor of zoology at the University of California. And then, gradually, the doctor of sciences decided to popularize science and the scientific approach, which resulted in the publication of a series of books in this direction.

So let’s move on to the most interesting.

The meaning of the book

The book “God as an illusion” is the author’s most famous book. In it, Dawkins tries to prove to readers the absence of God. In my opinion, this is as stupid as giving proof that he exists.

At the very beginning of the book, the author gives the arguments of his opponents, and comes to the assertion, based on a logical approach, that the evidence for the existence of God is untenable. And then he expresses the idea that it is in principle impossible to prove the existence of God.

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Since Dawkins was directly concerned with religion, he could not consider this phenomenon. The author gives two versions of the emergence of religion. The first says that religion appeared on its own, as a useful adaptation for life in an aggressive environment. According to the second version, religion arose as a side effect in the creation of some kind of device.

It is noteworthy that Dawkins no longer criticizes religion itself as a phenomenon, but the organized structure that the Church is now. That is, he is no longer anti-religious, rather anti-cleric.

Also Richard Dawkins tells us that “If there is no God, then everything is permitted.” However, here he is frankly cunning, because even the simplest vertebrates have the beginnings of morality, and human society in the early stages of development was no exception.

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The meaning of the book “God as an illusion” is the denial of the divine principle in the formation of man, nature, and society as a whole. Dawkins is here a rationalist and a materialist, and sometimes gives convincing, sometimes dubious evidence of his innocence.

In the humble opinion of the author of this article, it is simply impossible to prove the existence or absence of God. Therefore, it is foolish to give evidence to one and the other side. Each person has the right to decide for himself what he believes in or not.

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Perhaps this is the deeper meaning of the book. Dawkins tells us that God does not exist, and this gives us food for thought in the context of the very right to one’s own opinion.

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