The True Meaning of The Green Knight Explained

The Green Knight Details You Missed & How It Differs From The Poem! The film introduces the viewer to the interesting and exciting adventures of King Arthur’s nephew Gawain, who enters into an argument with the Green Knight and gets into an incredible story.

For the audience, the ending of the film, according to the director’s idea, should be happy, but its essence is a little different: the director wanted to show that every person has his own life path and no one but him can go through it. It doesn’t matter how a person dies after passing this path. The important thing is that we need to get better every day, so that in old age we would not be ashamed that we did not live our lives the way we wanted.

At the end of the film, the viewer sees an episode of Zelena’s knight depriving Gawain of his head, and there is such a detail in the film for a reason: it is a symbol of the fact that any person will have to answer for his actions that he has committed throughout his life.

At the end of the film and after the credits, the audience sees another scene – a girl in a crown appears in front of them. It can be assumed that this is the daughter of King Arthur, because the director does not give any clues as to who it could be. Such an open episode makes the viewer think about who it really is and independently fantasize about the possible ending of this story.

What is the point of this movie? It is quite deep, because the whole path of Gawain symbolizes the process of personal growth of a person who is destined to endure throughout his life. Only obstacles and trials can form a strong and self-confident person, self-knowledge and spiritual strength turn on. A particularly attentive viewer can notice an interesting, but at first glance, not very noticeable detail: the viewer deliberately focuses his attention a little on the intersection: this is another symbol in this film. This is a kind of metaphor for the need to make choices and make decisions on which the further development of events depends. The hero’s journey can also be explained as a life path, at the end of which one must come to terms with impending death.

One of the important problems that are touched upon in the film is the problem of ecology and a conscious attitude to the world around. Why is the knight Green? Because this color symbolizes life, but in other sources, death is also associated with this color. Gawain receives a green belt as a symbol of life, but at the same time, the green color carries a not very positive connotation: this means that his soul began to rot. This is one of the main contradictions: man, as a creature, contradicts himself, because he destroys all life that is on Earth when he is not able to live without all this and a day. A man began to honor himself as the center of everything and because of this he decided that he could fully dispose of everything that is on Earth. This is far from being the case, and nature tries at every opportunity to teach a person how to coexist correctly on the planet and not harm either itself or nature.

In general, the film violates the already urgent problems for humanity: it does not know how to appreciate either itself or everything that surrounds it. In trying to improve and improve the world we live in, we harm ourselves. All due to the fact that we have not learned to take care of the environment in which we live. All because of our anger, selfishness, a sense of unreasonable superiority – these feelings pierce a person through and through, and this is very fraught with negative consequences.

The film teaches a person to pay attention not only to their needs: there is also something around him, thanks to which he lives. Also, do not forget that each of us will face retribution for our deeds, and at the end of our lives we will definitely have to repent of what we have done throughout our lives. Personal and spiritual growth should also not be forgotten, because this is not the last aspect that plays an equally important role in the structure of human life.

The film is deeply philosophical and makes you think about the meaning of human existence, its purpose on this planet. It should be watched by everyone who cares about the quality of their life – both physical and spiritual.

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