The Voices Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

This film premiered in January 2014. Director Marjan Satrapi has managed to bring to life an incredible story about a cheerful guy Jerry. He was mentally ill, so he must take hallucinogenic drugs to ease his morale. From the effects of taking the pills, it seems to him that his cat suggests that he start killing people, and the dog begins to convince him that Jerry is a very good person. He cannot live without drugs, constantly takes them and because of this he kills Fiona, who comes to him in the form of a ghost. Jerry comes to his senses and throws away the pills, but the hallucinations won’t leave him alone.

Jerry invites Lisa to an abandoned house where he learned about his mother’s insanity. Mother asked to help her commit suicide, and he agreed. Lisa found out about this and consoled Jerry. Then Lisa comes to visit Jerry, she is frightened of what is happening there. She runs away from him, but Jerry turns out to be stronger – he cuts off his head. The same goes for Alison. He commits a lot of murders, and at the end of the film he goes to heaven and meets with his family and those he killed. The guy apologizes to everyone and the film ends with the appearance of Jesus, who dances along with everyone.

What is the point of this movie? It is about the fact that each person must go his own way. Everyone has his own, and the task of each person is to overcome this obstacle with dignity, so that later it would not be scary and problematic to accept yourself the way you have become throughout your life. At the end of life, a person should think over all those that he has done and ask for forgiveness from people to whom he did something bad. This is what happens if you take into account the entire life process.

If you take into account some individual situations, then after them it is also important to think about what happened and analyze your actions and words. For example, if you had a fight with a loved one, it is very important to overcome your pride and be the first to ask for forgiveness. If a person and relations with him are very valuable, try to save them and find the strength in yourself to save the family.

Human life is indeed very short to waste it on quarrels and other terrible things that only alienate people from each other. Love and acceptance are what will help save even the most neglected relationship, but the desire for change should be on all sides of the relationship.

The film reveals another very important theme – the theme of violence. The desire to hurt others has been growing since childhood, especially since Jerry had a reason for this, he killed his mother at her own request, because he loved her very much. Violence is the desire to cause someone pain, the same that he himself had to endure once. A person cannot endure the pain that lurks in his soul, so he tries to throw it out on someone. Violence inflicted on a person contributes to the development of moral and mental disorders in him. This is fraught with the appearance of a chain, each link of which will be a person who has endured violence. There is no direct indication in the film of what caused the desire to kill and inflict pain. This can be guessed if we analyze everything that happens to the main character.

The audience speaks of this film as very strange and incomprehensible, but many say that the film is interesting, one has only to understand the causes of the hero’s mental disorders as deeply as possible. Everyone says that there is no science fiction in the film – the hero is just mentally ill, and his hallucinations are normal for such a disease. Just as much attention is paid to taking pills – they provoke such hallucinations, but, perhaps, without them it would be easier to relate to the outside world.

The film definitely deserves to be seen. The viewer can get acquainted with how a mentally ill person behaves, what violence is and how it affects the development of his psyche and attitude to the world around him. There is a lot of hatred and incomprehensible thoughts in such people, but they still exist and have the right to live next to ordinary people. It is simply necessary to protect both one and the other from unforeseen situations.

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