A Lonely Place to Die Ending Explained & Film Analysis

British action thriller A Lonely Place to Die (2011), directed by Julian Gilby, can be called one of the best films about survival. A fascinating story, an amazing soundtrack, divinely beautiful landscapes and a sense of concern for the main characters risking their lives – all this warms up the viewer’s attention throughout the entire viewing. Having a rather low budget, its authors compensate for this with quality and skillful embodiment of the idea on the screen. As with any other film, there is something to complain about. But after him, you yourself will not notice how quickly time flies.

The meaning of movie A Lonely Place to Die directed by Julian Gilby

The main characters of the film are five climbers – Ed, Rob, Alice, Alex and Jenny, who went to explore the Scottish Highlands. Having collected equipment, having a positive and fighting attitude, they set off. However, not having time to pass the first halt, the climbers hear distant screams and, going to the sound, they find in a dugout, among mountain gorges, an unusual find – a girl, she was sitting, huddled here in a dark corner. The girl’s name is Anna, she does not speak English. She was kidnapped.

The company is instructed to deliver it to the nearest point in order to hand it over to the police.

So, natural human mutual assistance leads to the fact that, starting from this moment, they, without knowing it, become involved in a wild, nightmarish, extremely dangerous game, with minimal chances of winning. A game with complete bastards, for whom profit is above all. Kidnappers of children who demand a ransom for them from wealthy parents.

Will they have the strength not only to save the child, will they have the strength to save themselves?

And what will be the price of that very “humanity”? After all, because of her, the heroes become prisoners, held captive by evil.

Here gathered people for whom life is unthinkable without extreme sports, lovers to tickle their nerves, languishing from a lack of sharp impressions. That is why, watching what is happening, there is no such craving for pity, but the viewer feels the echoes of empathy and complicity literally every moment. These are strong, courageous, strong, not deprived of the mind people who have the power to turn the course of events in the direction they need. Having become rescuers of their own free will, they take responsibility for the girl into their own hands and, looking into her eyes, understand that there is no turning back. Being victims of circumstances, they do not lose hope for salvation.

From the first minutes of the film, it becomes clear that each of them is wayward in its own way. And this is the best way to show their character. The character of fearless people, endowed with a strong spirit, the desire to achieve justice. Fighting to the last breath does not frighten people like them.

The authors of the film spent quite a bit of screen time getting to know the main characters, all the subsequent attention, letting on the dynamics: chase, shooting, murders, etc., as if saying that their actions, not words, speak for a person.

The actors are mostly unknown, however, they can be praised for a wonderful game played according to all the canons of the genre. Among the whole company, the main character stands out the most – Melissa George, who played Alice – an attractive blonde, for whom such roles are not uncommon. Being the only one who made it to the end, life is given to her as a reward for past trials.

Naturalistic emotions evoke a feeling of sympathy for the characters and natural affection for those who are not indifferent to the fate of others. The choice they made, in favor of goodness, is only sometimes rewarded with the misfires of criminals, and, as a tribute to realism, justice makes itself felt only when there is nothing left to lose.

Despite the transience of events, the thriller is endowed with proper psychologism and predisposes to the philosophical flow of thoughts. People who have certain kinds of fears have the opportunity to face them. For those who are afraid of heights, the views of mountains, climbing and falling will cause tangible discomfort. For those who are afraid of closed space, a girl buried alive will bring special experiences. And tormented by nightmares where they are pursued, the kidnappers will seem to have come out of sleep.

In fact, this is a film about the victim, whose life, through the fault of the villains, turns out to be a commodity, and about her saviors, who happened to be nearby. They could pass by, leaving others to figure it out. But, for reasons of conscience, they did not.

The unpredictable world can present us with the most unimaginable surprises. Someone will not be ready and, having weighed all the pros and cons, or even just scared, will leave everything as it was before his arrival, and someone will put their existence on the line. And just such people do not care what happens next with the world, what it will turn into: a clean and protected space, or a scorched lifeless wasteland.

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  1. Ed Speeler


    Just wanted to ckarufy a few points.

    Firstly, when the robbers first describe the cash amount, it is stated as 6 million euros. Then, when it is re-mentioned, it is described as 6 million american dollars.

    What are your thoughts on this phenomenon?