The Meaning of Star Wars: Movie Order, Summary

Not so long ago, viewers were able to see another episode of the sci-fi saga Star Wars. It so happened that at first the authors filmed episodes IV through VI and only after 20 years returned to the first three parts of the franchise. But, despite the fact that Star Wars came out out of order, the interconnection of episodes in meaning is not broken. The space saga that has lasted for 40 years has finally come to an end. But not all viewers understood how the long-term story ended. Analysis of the film will help to understand the plot of the cult series and understand the meaning of Star Wars.


The fantasy epic describes the story of the struggle between Darkness and Light. The film should be watched from the very beginning, otherwise it will be difficult to delve into the meaning of Star Wars. There are quite a few characters in the picture. Some of them are transformed, moving from light to dark forces and vice versa. Therefore, in order to understand how the individual series of Star Wars are connected in meaning, you need to remember the content of all the episodes in order.

I–III episodes

Two Jedi arrived on the planet Naboo to resolve a trade dispute. But the planet is captured by the dark Sith Lord Darth Sidious.

The envoys manage to escape death and escape to the planet Tauine, taking with them the Queen of Naboo, Amidala Padme. Here they meet the 9-year-old slave Anakin Skywalker, who has incredible strength, and ransom him.

Galaxy on the brink of collapse. Former Jedi Count Dooku is trying to create a clone army to seize power. Anakin is assigned to guard Amidala.

The young man, along with the former queen, returns to Tatooine to rescue his mother. But the mother, captured by the Tuskens, dies in her son’s arms. An enraged Anakin destroys the entire camp, not sparing even women and children. After some time, Anakin and Amidalou secretly marry.

The forces of Evil unite in the order of the Sith and win. In Anakin, the dark side takes over. He becomes Darth Vader.

A pregnant Padme flies to her husband, trying to bring him back to the side of the Light. Enraged, Vader strangles his wife. Jedi Obi-Wan, having entered the fray with Darth, mortally wounds him.

Interesting! Filming for Vader’s fight with Obi-Wan took a whole month.

Amidalou gives birth to twins and dies. Before she dies, she manages to name the children (Luke and Leia), asking them to hide them from Dart.

IV–VI episodes

18 years have passed. Princess Leia, who led the rebellion, is captured by Vader. Luke, along with the smuggler Han Solo, flies to help the princess. Friends manage to rescue Leia. Obi-Wan dies in a battle with Darth.

Three years later, the rebel war with the Empire is not yet over. Darth Vader tries to win Luke over to his side. After luring his son to the city of clouds, he confesses that he is Luke’s father and invites them to rule the galaxy together. After Luke’s refusal, Vader cuts off his arm and throws him into a ventilation shaft.

At this time, Khan is captured. The wounded Luke promises his sister to save her lover. Leia, while trying to save Khan, falls into slavery. Luke manages to rescue his sister and friend.

For a complete victory, Luke will have to fight Vader once again. Darth, along with Emperor Pallatine, is trying to lure Luke to the dark side. After Luke’s refusal, the emperor tries to kill him. But Dart, not wanting the death of his son, kills the emperor.

Interesting! Episode VI was originally going to be called “Revenge of the Jedi”. But the director decided that real Jedi don’t take revenge, so it was called Return of the Jedi.

VII–IX episodes

30 years have passed. Luke’s apprentice, the son of Leia and Han Solo, takes on the dark side, calling himself Kylo Ren. Missing after this, Luke is sought by both the rebels and the Empire.

The provisional capital of the new Republic is destroyed by Starkiller Base. Han Solo dies in battle, killed by his son.

Paltine’s granddaughter Rey finds Luke, but Luke refuses to return due to frustration with the Jedi. After persuasion, Luke agrees to teach Rey.

Kylo becomes aware that Emperor Paltine is alive. The Emperor offers Kylo to kill Rey in exchange for world domination. After finding Rey, Kylo engages her in a fight, during which she stabs Reno with her sword.

Kylo, ​​sensing the death of Leia’s mother, is reborn as Ben Solo. Rey heals Kylo and flies away to an empty planet, intending to become a recluse. But Luke’s spirit prevents her from doing so by pointing out the location of Leia’s lightsaber.

A battle breaks out between the army of Pallatine and the Resistance. Confronted during a fight with Pallatine, Ray refuses to kill him, handing over his sword to Ben.

The Emperor sends lightning at Rey, but she manages to reflect it. Reflected lightning burns the Emperor. Ray also dies, but Ben resurrects her by sacrificing himself.

With this sequence of viewing episodes of Star Wars, it is easier to understand the meaning of the narrative that unfolds as the plot develops.

The Meaning of Star Wars: Plot Explained

The authors of the fantastic epic filled the picture with religious truths. They wanted to convey to the viewer that the world has two sides – light and dark. The choice between them arises in almost every person.

Negative emotions draw a person to the dark side. And often they are interconnected. Fear breeds anger, which breeds hatred. Together, this leads to rash acts that can ruin the life of yourself and loved ones.

Therefore, it is necessary to fight with your passions and grievances, learn to forgive yourself and others. Thus, the main point of the Star Wars movie is to find yourself and your way in the world.

What is the essence of the ending

In the final episode of the saga, Rei fought the Emperor. This scene shows the main point of Star Wars. This is not just a fight between granddaughter and grandfather. This battle, which epitomizes the confrontation between the Jedi and the Sith, is necessary to balance the Force.

The film ends with Rey returning to Tatooine. There she buries her lightsabers. All her life, Ray didn’t know who her parents were. But when they ask her who she is – the girl answers – Ray Skywalker.

This answer contains the hidden meaning of the Star Wars movie. It means that each person chooses his own path, regardless of origin. A person is judged not by his last name and family, but by his thoughts and actions.

The Star Wars saga is one of those films with meaning that not only invites reflection, but also inspires hope, giving strength to move forward and believe in the future.

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