Scarface Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The three-hour film directed by Brian De Palma was released in 1983. In the shortest possible time, the film became a cult film, and was popular in the nineties. According to many critics, this is the greatest gangster action movie in the history of world cinema. The script is based on real events of the early eighties, much taken from the legendary film by Howard Hawks, filmed back in the thirties. Even Fidel Castro, who slipped the “pig” into capitalist America, is involved. Under the guise of extradition of political outcasts, a huge batch of dregs of society, among which was the main character, got into the United States.

Tony Montana has been in trouble with the law since he was a teenager. The scar on his face spoke of his lifestyle and adventures. The very behavior, look, habits just screamed – in front of you is a reckless bastard, capable of any nasty things. Scarface (1983) begins with an interrogation of the hero, masterfully played by Al Pacino. The police and agents of the filtration camp for refugees immediately figured out his criminal inclinations, but Omar Suarez helped him leave the reservation. It was a reward for killing an unnecessary witness who lived in the same place.

Blood, violence and drugs

Soon Antonio receives a residence permit in the United States. Manolo, the closest friend, helps to earn money. The first working point was a small restaurant, but these pennies were only enough for food and lodging for the night. Omar sets up a desperate guy with the famous drug lord Frank Lopez, the life of friends changes dramatically in all respects. For a night of transshipment of drugs in the port, you can earn $ 1,000. Suarez offers Tony a cocaine deal. It was a trap: the main character loses his close friend, miraculously survives. He not only escaped, but also saved the goods. Frank Lopez highly appreciated the act of the new employee, began to trust Tony with serious matters. And they went well, money flowed like water, turnover grew, the network expanded. And then came the moment when Montana met Alegendro Sosa.

The Bolivian drug lord supplies half the world with dope, and our daredevil dreams of wealth and his own mafia. He just kills his boss and runs a powerful drug ring. And this is understandable: the criminal business does not tolerate weakness and loyalty, only the strongest and bloodthirsty survive in it. Not only the empire goes to Tony, but also the widow of the murdered Frank. From the first days of his acquaintance, he tried to seduce the beauty, but she gave a staunch rebuff, humiliating her husband’s “servant”. Elvira is distinguished not only by her beauty, but also by her temper, determined by the habits and manners of a spoiled girl. Permissiveness and cocaine at arm’s length are doing their job. She gradually becomes a drug addict who is difficult to get along with.

Montana reminisces about her family, visits her mother and grown sister. Gina is crazy about the appearance of her brother, whom she has not seen for five years. But the mother is not happy with the money with which he tries to fill them up. Her heart knows that dollars smell of blood and death. Manolo, who is now in charge of the safety of a friend and boss, takes an interest in a beautiful girl. But Antonio puts him in his place, he will not allow them to be a couple. He does not want to confuse his sister with a criminal and knows the lustful comrade too well. His verdict is harsh: “Not about your honor Gene.” After some time, a rich and influential brother helps to open his own legal business, which was the dream of her whole life.

Antonio’s big problems begin with the fact that he becomes a consumer of his product. The gangster often loses his temper, quarrels with friends, considers himself powerful and invincible. The more cash, the more problems. Bankers are simply not ready to accept and launder that amount of money. And it’s not about rates and laws, there really is too much money. And Tony also despises corrupt cops, he just kills one of them. It ends with him being arrested right during the count of three million.

There are no countries in the world without corruption. Influential bosses and representatives of states from which a stream of dope flows are trying to help our hero. He must finish off the official who stands in the way of many. His honesty and decency are objectionable to the mafia. Killing is a common thing for Tony. But at the scheduled hour, an extraordinary event occurs: his wife and two children get into the car of the “ordered” politician. And this stops our bloodthirsty comrade, he prevents the execution and gets rid of the invited killer.

A noble deed destroys not only his plans. Sosa is already giving the order to eliminate the partner. At this time, Tony learns that his sister secretly married Manolo. For this, he without hesitation takes the life of his closest friend, and takes the sincerely loving and screaming Gina to his place. The girl’s hysteria can be muffled only by a horse dose of pills.

How much rope does not twist

The protagonist’s wealth brings trouble to the world. Tony did not save hungry children, did not invest in politicians and charity. He simply lived for his own pleasure, considering himself a God among people. The final scene is a carnage in which two dozen Soso fighters die. Antonio lost his mind so much that he simply did not feel the pain from the bullets that pierced his body. Before his eyes, his sister and all his friends die. The death agony could be stopped only by the shot of a professional killer who came to take his life.

The moral of the film is simple: happiness cannot be built on someone else’s grief. Drugs have always sowed death and misfortune. And all the secret becomes clear. There is no impeccable “roof” and omnipotent patrons, each criminal is waiting for reprisals or life imprisonment. Although the most bloodthirsty bastard is capable of noble deeds, he will not kill a child or a woman who accidentally gets in his way. The film will be useful for fifteen-year-old guys who romanticize crime and a dashing life. The tape is a classic level of “The Godfather” and “Casino”. This is a masterpiece for serious men.


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