The Meaning of Richard Adams’ Hill Dwellers: In Search of the Promised Land

The work of Richard Adams is little known to modern domestic readers. If you go up to 10 young people on the street and ask what this author wrote, you are unlikely to hear an answer. Moreover, even the work of the classics of Russian literature is not familiar to many. But that’s another conversation.

And today we will analyze the plot, the main characters and washed away the novel “Dwellers of the Hills”. So sit back, prick up your rabbit ears, and let’s get started!


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One day, a large white board appears outside the rabbit town, on which is written “Development of the project of extra-class residential buildings.” Naturally, our big-eared friends couldn’t read it, but our bunny Five began to have nightmares about impending disaster.

He, along with his brother, go to the oldest settlement – the Lord of the Rowan Tree, in order to convince him to look for a new place to live, because soon the town will suffer a sad fate. However, the ruler does not believe the rabbits, meets them with ridicule and distrust.

Our Piatik still does not leave attempts to reach out to fellow citizens, so he tells everyone about the future. However, in the evening, a military detachment of rabbits (Ausla) is sent after him to be captured by them for incitement to rebellion.

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After that, Pyatik’s few comrades and like-minded people decide to run away in search of a better place to live. However, breaking away from the persecution of their relatives, they realize that they are completely lost.

It is not surprising that a lot of problems and dangers fall on a small group of rabbits. However, they all hope to find the very hill where they can build a new settlement.

Main characters

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Each character here is colorful and very similar to a person. Let’s consider them in more detail:

Pyatik is a small rabbit who was born last in the litter, and therefore extremely weak in body, but not in spirit. He has excellent abilities for intuition, there is a gift of foresight. He himself often cannot fully decipher his visions, but he is always sure of their veracity. Nut is a future elder who tries everything on himself first before offering it to group members. He is also very smart and practical. All this causes genuine respect from others, which gives him the right to occupy such a high position in rabbit society. Shishak is a fighter and a bully who easily engages in fights with superior opponents. He often brings discord into the group, however, after a miraculous rescue, he nevertheless admits his mistakes in behavior and attitude towards group members. Blueberry – she is savvy and observant, she also remains with a cool head in critical situations, thinking about how to find a way out of a difficult situation. Dandelion is a great storyteller who makes little rabbit hearts flutter with his stories.

The meaning of the book

Readers should not take The Hill Dwellers as a fairy tale. In fact, the author embodied in this work a lot of deep and multifaceted thoughts. For example, this is a struggle for power in a social group, as well as the survival of an individual within a group, the management of society, and the fight against natural opponents.

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It is noteworthy that all rabbits behave exactly the same as people. They rush into battle if necessary, help if there is a risk to life or health. If it is necessary to kill in order to survive, they will do it without thinking about the moral and moral aspects of the issue.

Throughout the first chapter, the question arises as to whom Adams draws – rabbits, which he endows with human qualities, or people in masks of these cute animals.

However, then everything becomes clear. A local farmer quickly trains rabbits to eat easy and affordable food. Rabbits pay for this with a high probability of falling into snares and dying. However, despite all the danger, they prefer to try their luck and bring inner freedom for the sake of a “simple, comfortable and well-fed” life. And this is extremely characteristic only of people.

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So the novel touches on a lot of social topics, and Adams’s creation should not be regarded only from the point of view of entertaining reading about the adventures of cute rabbits.

This concludes our analysis. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to write them in the comments. And we have prepared a few other reviews for you. Here they are:

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Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon on the pages of new articles!

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