Meaning of Flotsam by Remarque: How Life Collapses Because of Nationality?

Erich Maria Remarque is a famous writer who, during his lifetime, introduced himself into world literature. He wrote a lot of unique works, one of which is “Flotsam” (German: Liebe deinen Nächsten).

So today we will look at the plot and meaning of the book. So sit back, it will be interesting!

Brief story

Remarque Love your neighborBefore us is post-war Germany. Adolf Hitler’s party comes to power. Despite the fact that for many Jews Germany = Homeland, and deprived of a place to live, citizenship, and also expelled from educational institutions, work.

So whole streams of people are forced to wander around other countries in order to find somewhere a new place to live. However, they are caught, imprisoned, deported. However, despite such a plight, many Jews retain great human qualities, perfectly aware of the injustice of the world.

This is exactly what the protagonist of the novel, Ludwig Kern, is. This is a young man who is only half Jewish, like his love Ruth Holland. They are forced to endure all the hardships together and are gradually tempered.

love thy neighbour

Together with them wanders, and the native German Steiner also helps. He was expelled from Germany for not agreeing with the policies of the new ruling party.

As a result, Steiner still returns to his homeland to live with his dying wife her last days. But luck still smiles at our heroes, and they get a chance for a new bright life.

The meaning of the book

The main meaning of the novel “Love thy neighbor” is persecution on a national basis. The main characters of the book are only to blame for the fact that their nationality or political views do not correspond to the views of the ruling political party.

Love thy neighbor novel

Because of this, their world is collapsing, because they are forced to work part-time jobs, survive in other countries, hide from the police in a foreign land. They are like cockroaches, which strive to crush everything around and life itself.

However, we have the same people with interests, problems, dreams and pains. They, like everyone else, want to live happily, have a home, relationships, love and a great job.

However, the worst thing is that the modern world is not very different from the then Germany. Yes, now no one says directly that such and such a nationality should leave the country, but the laws or regulations that are passed that infringe on the rights of certain segments of the population gradually oppress the same citizens of the country.

Remarque Love your neighbor

The conclusion is simple – modern states have learned to more easily and loyally treat the profitable segments of the population. However, if there is a nationality that does not correspond to the political views of the party or the state apparatus, persecution begins.

However, this is not a direct impact, but indirect restrictions, in a popular way, put a spoke in the wheel. As a result, the life of such people becomes unbearable, and the thought of immigration will come to mind.

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