The Hateful Eight Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The American western “The Hateful Eight” directed by Quentin Tarantino reveals the details of a difficult time. The action of the film takes place immediately after the American Civil War. The characters of the film make the audience experience the whole range of emotions. The characters are not just bounty hunters. These are prudent and daring heroes who pursue only their own selfish goals. Let’s try to figure out what hidden meaning is inherent in the film “The Hateful Eight”.

The meaning of the film “The Hateful Eight”

The unusual title already sets the tone for the entire film. Eight bright self-confident heroes. But among the actors there is not a single positive character. The viewer gets along with the characters to the inn, where you need to spend only one night. It seems that nothing is easier. But this is only at first glance. The company has gathered such that none of the characters can be trusted. People are hiding behind masks. The big luck will be that someone will be able to survive until the morning.

The meaning of the film “The Hateful Eight” is to show human vices by a good example. It is difficult to live in a society in which there is no one to trust and open up to. People are mired in squabbles. They are only interested in their own lives. No love, no pity, no hope for a better future. Why did the characters become like this? What is their goal?

The characters tempered their character in numerous showdowns and scrapes. For the characters, human life is of no value. Every man for himself. The life views of the heroes were greatly influenced by their existence. They lived in a difficult period, when poverty, lack of money, hunger reigned around. They are accustomed to “gnaw out” “their place under the sun.”

The film “The Hateful Eight” is not for every viewer. Many people cannot look at the rigidity, ruthlessness and complete lack of moral values. On the other hand, this film can be viewed only in order to see what roles people themselves sometimes play in their lives. Who is who? This question cannot be answered by looking at the characters in the film The Hateful Eight. If there is no trust and compassion in the company, this can lead to extremely sad consequences.

Who are the “bounty hunters”? These are characters who have lost their human form. Their essence is concocted from streams and dubious desires. They lack sincere feelings that give hope for a bright and happy future. But “bounty hunters” are so comfortable. They are sure that if they do not kill, then them. They don’t even consider another option.

The film “The Hateful Eight” can hardly be called life. The great master Quentin Tarantino showed his vision of a situation where people have completely forgotten how to understand and hear each other. You can not give in to your base desires and follow your own selfish goals. This approach will not make you happy. On the contrary, the characters are in constant tension. They are not intimidated, but they are not relaxed either. They dream of “dealing” with others. They don’t care what each of them feels. The characters are placed in a permanent courtyard as if in a cage. The actors do not even suspect that they will have to rip off their masks. To show their inner “I”, to reveal their soul, they are beyond their strength. They simply do not have positive emotions and joyful thoughts. They are used to killing. Violent and ruthless. The actors walk on the edge of a knife, they are in danger every minute. But they like such heat of passions and constant intrigues. Only the heroes themselves did not choose such a life, but life chose them. Their existence cannot be called uninteresting. However, few would like to be in the place of the disgusting eight.

The meaning of the ending of the film “The Hateful Eight”

Quentin Tarantino films can be admired or hated. But one thing is for sure. The works of the great master are unique. Quentin Tarantino makes his own original movie. I emphasize that you will not confuse it with any other. The film “The Hateful Eight” was no exception. Despite the narrative nature and long duration, the viewer cannot say for sure which of the characters will survive until the end of the picture. Everything in the film is thought out to the smallest detail. The film is characterized by cruelty and ruthlessness.

The point of the Hateful Eight ending is to show viewers how unpredictable our lives are. Once in the same room, the characters must learn to trust each other and accept everyone. However, this does not happen. Their goal is to stay alive. Quentin Tarantino consistently shows the vices of everyone. No positive personality traits. Heroes have forgotten how to sympathize, love, sympathize. At any convenient opportunity, they are ready to introduce another for their own benefit. A fundamentally tough film that makes you look at your life in a new way. This film is about what you should never strive for. No matter what problems you solve, no matter what circumstances you face, it is always important to remain human.

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