Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Review: What Does the Ending of Mean?

The Meaning of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019): Plot & Explanation of Ending. Fans of Quentin Tarantino’s work are used to the fact that his paintings are full of fight scenes and pools of blood. But the ninth tape was an exception to the rule. Perhaps that is why the audience was divided into two camps. The first – those who caught the meaning of the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, were completely delighted. The latter began to crumble in negative comments and give the lowest ratings to the viewed picture.

The beginning of the story

The main events unfold in Los Angeles in 1969, during the heyday of the hippies. The plot of the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood tells about the life of actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his friend, and part-time understudy and stuntman, performing dangerous stunts for him, Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt). The first suffers from a lack of significant roles in his career. The role of the villain firmly attached to him does not give directors a chance to see other acting talents. Another reason for worrying the protagonist adds the neighborhood with the famous Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie). Rick Dalton could not just turn to him, believing that a more serious reason was needed for this (fire, robbery and other trash).

Tarantino, such Tarantino

In order to at least somehow revive his career, the actor, along with Clif, goes to Europe to shoot in Italian westerns. Six months of work did not add much popularity to Dalton. After 6 months, he returned to California with his wife and a lot of debt. So he could not afford to pay for Bout’s further work. They decide to say goodbye on the very first evening after arrival, which, in the best Tarantino traditions, was not limited to alcohol alone. Clif decided to smoke an “acid cigarette” (at the beginning of the film, the stuntman bought it from a hippie girl who was a member of the Manson sect).

Meanwhile, a pregnant Sharon Tate misses her husband on set in London. Friends help to brighten up the loneliness of the actress. On the fateful night of August 8, they returned home. At this point, the fanatic Manson’s followers were planning a brutal attack.

Interesting! Charles Manson is a criminal brain and mastermind of the Family sect, whose members committed many brutal murders on his orders. Including the wife of director R. Polanski, Sh. Tate. The death penalty imposed on him was commuted to nine life terms.

The highlight of the film is the interweaving of real facts and fiction, TV clips of the time and new footage. In parallel, the film contains iconic Hollywood personalities of the 60s (Bruce Lee, Roman Polanski, Steve McQueen) and characters invented by Tarantino. The same story happened with the finale of the picture, which the audience was waiting with bated breath, knowing about the tragedy of Sharon Tate. However, the meaning of the film’s ending Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was not what everyone expected.

Movie ending

What ended the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, was a surprise to all viewers. Few people are used to happy endings in Tarantino films. The obligatory elements of his final scenes are a sea of ​​violence, blood and wild cruelty.

Unlike the real story, the cultists (a guy and 3 girls) choose Rick Dalton’s house as their target. There, his wife sees the seventh dream, Cliff went to walk the dog, and the actor himself comes to his senses after drinking. Hearing the roar of the car in which the hippies sat, he left the house and yelled at them. This act predetermined the choice of the sectarians. Instead of Sharon’s house, they show up at Dalton’s. Just at this moment, Clif returns from a walk.

The following shots show typical films with meaning from Tarantino.

  • Clif, while under the influence of drugs, breaks the nose of one of the attackers.
  • The second attacker is bitten by a dog.
  • The third one is knocked out by the awakened wife of Dalton.
  • When Dalton, who is relaxing by the pool, sees a bloody girl, in a drunken stupor he mistakes her for a zombie. Therefore, without regret, he burns it with a flamethrower, hidden in the garage since the time of the first filming.

At the end of the film, the wounded Cliff is taken away to be patched up in an ambulance. The police are completing their investigation of the crime scene. And Roman Polanski approaches Rick. They start a conversation about what happened. They go to visit the director. The ending of the picture hints at a new round in the acting career of DiCaprio’s character and the imminent reunion of two friends.

What is the point?

The main point of the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is that any events in life are random. The most insignificant facts can influence the course of things – a found acid cigarette, a donated flamethrower, a trained pit bull. To better feel the picture, you need to familiarize yourself with the tragic story of Sharon Tate in advance. Then the ending of the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood will take on a new meaning, the overall impression will change radically, and the actions of the main characters in the finale of the tape will not cause bewilderment due to excessive aggression.

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