Mad Max Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) appeared on the screens as a continuation of the story of Max Rockatansky. The last series about this character was shot almost 30 years ago, and since then, only back in 1997, work began on the fourth series of the post-apocalyptic action movie, which director George Miller has been working on all these years. This Australian director showed in his paintings a period of time in which the life of mankind is displayed after civilization has ended its existence.

The film premiered in 2015 at the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles and won the attention of the audience thanks to the abundance of stunts with the participation of a stuntman and with minimal use of computer graphics. Thanks to the highest box office and the popularity of the film among the audience, the film won six Oscar statuettes from ten nominations.

It can be assumed that the film won the attention of the audience due to its exciting plot and uniquely natural acting. But do not throw aside the meaning of this work.

This series is very aggressive in its emotional content – the characters constantly move somewhere in cars, enter and resolve conflicts that have arisen, and engage in firefights. This series has even more stunts performed without the use of green screens and computer technology. But if we take into account the meaning of the film, then it is standard, as for works of this type – this is salvation, sacrificing oneself for someone, revenge for something. The heroes have a motivation to avenge their actions against the enemy, and often there is also a need to save loved ones. The protagonist acts almost as a savior of society, on whose shoulders lies the main task – to save the world and prevent the spread of evil. Often in such films, the struggle between good and evil is very clearly visible.

Very often, action films reveal the military policy of a certain state, which they condemn and try to change, sometimes there are plot references to past events in history. Max as one of the main characters is depicted as a zombie, he is trying to survive in any way. Civilization is lost, and those who remain on this planet are trying to prolong their existence. Here it must be said that Max as a character has exhausted himself, and the audience does not expect to see something new in his image. Much more attention was drawn to the heroine of Charlize Theron – Furious. Her mega-strong and resilient character shows her as an independent Amazon, able to act on an equal footing with men, and her prosthetic arm gives her even more rigidity and confidence. A woman among men obsessed with the desire to survive deserves special attention from the audience. This is a kind of underlining of the strength of the woman’s spirit, she is depicted not as a weak and weak-willed creature, but as an independent lady, able to fight back even the strongest man.

Perhaps this is the beginning of the story about this heroine as following the trend of feminism and equality between men and women. It may be that the director decided to shift the viewer’s focus to a new heroine for him, leaving Max aside in a secondary role. Furiosa, despite her tough character and criminal past, does not lose hope that someday she will be able to make her life better and not depend on the situation that has developed.

What sense does the director put into this film after such a long silence? It shows that, first of all, you need to remain human. It does not matter what the situation is in the society of a particular country or on the planet as a whole. Let’s not talk about altruism and other moral categories, in the current situation it is important not only to think about others, completely forgetting about yourself. First you need to think about how to save yourself and your family, if any, and then pay attention to those who are nearby. But at this point it is important not to cross the boundaries of other people. If everyone takes this into account, humanity has a chance to survive, if not, everything can happen according to the script of the film. Each of us needs to decide what is important for him: to live or die.

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