Jojo Rabbit Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The director for his work “Jojo Rabbit” chose a provocative manner of presentation. In his opinion, where it’s funny, it’s not scary at all. Many critics are sure that this outrageous film only makes people talk about it for this reason. There are practically no indifferent to the film “Jojo Rabbit”. Some viewers are completely delighted with what they saw on the screen, others were shocked by the film. Let’s try to figure out what the true meaning of the movie “Jojo Rabbit” is.

The Meaning of Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit is the story of a ten-year-old German boy who loves his country very much. He has one strange dream. When the hero grows up, he wants to go to war. The boy’s mother does not seek politics, preferring to be in the shadows. She is extremely skeptical. A woman dreams of a quiet, peaceful life.

In the most difficult situations, the boy turns to his imaginary friend for help. The little hero is sure that the version of Adolf he invented will tell her the answers to all the questions. But suddenly, on the second floor of his dwelling, the boy discovered a hidden Jewish girl. Now the character is faced with a dilemma: what to do. If he tells someone about the girl, they will soon come for his mother. If he remains silent, he will break the word given to his imaginary friend.

The meaning of the film “Jojo Rabbit” is to show the audience, using the example of a character, how views on a person’s life change under the influence of certain circumstances. We all live in a society that leaves a certain imprint on our existence. How we relate to its rules and foundations depends on us. But we must all abide by certain principles without going overboard.

The director in his film “Jojo Rabbit” created a world that is more like a playground. The little hero is endowed with his views on life, dreams. He looks at what is happening around him with wide eyes. He believes in the best and dreams of accomplishing a feat that will be appreciated. However, from time to time, the harsh reality comes to the place of illusions and fantasies. The hero will have to grow up and realize all the injustice of the world around him. One and the same situation can be viewed from different angles. You should not prove your point until you know the opinion of the other person.

In the Jojo Rabbit film, the viewer will notice that the director very accurately understands the worldview of children. He does not manipulate their views, namely, he understands them. With their inherent naivety, stupidity, vulnerability. Children sincerely believe in miracles and in a bright and happy future. They feel like the whole world is open to them. Their thoughts are pure, they are not yet familiar with betrayal and meanness. Even if there is total darkness around, children can “leave” in the fantasy world they have invented, where everything is the way they want. They do not like to prove anything to anyone, they prefer to live in harmony and mutual respect. Small characters are easier to adapt to the measured conditions of life, they quickly adapt to circumstances. A person gets used to everything. The director tried to bring to the surface the psychology of the characters so that the audience could see for themselves how the worldview changes under the influence of different conditions.

The meaning of the ending of the movie “Jojo Rabbit”

The poignant story of the boy showed how the orientations and views of a person undergo changes. Initially, the little hero was ready to do anything for his imaginary version of Adolf. He would be happy to complete any task. However, over time, he realized that everything in life is complicated and sometimes so incomprehensible. When the boy faced a choice, he will feel all the hardships that people have to face.

The point of the Jojo Rabbit ending is to let the audience face their fears. No need to be afraid of your complexes and obsessive thoughts. If a person wants to get rid of them, one should not take them to heart. The director is sure that his fears need to be ridiculed. In order not to get bogged down in complexes, you need to treat them easier.

In the film Jojo Rabbit, the imaginary version of Adolf is presented not as a frightening character, but as a funny jester with a comedian face. However, many viewers did not appreciate such a move by the director. They are sure that one should not laugh at those events that brought too much grief and loss to people. In any case, each viewer will give their assessment of the film they have watched and draw the right conclusions for themselves.

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