Lost Highway Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The psychological thriller Lost Highway (1997) combines the director’s artistic courage, an unpredictable storyline, and non-standard acting. However, the opinions of film critics were divided. But one thing is for sure: the director made people talk about his incredible work. What is the true meaning of the Lost Highway movie?

What is Lost Highway about?

1994 Prosperous Los Angeles. The events of the film take place in a two-story mansion, which is located in the suburbs. There is no trust between the spouses living in this house. Fred Madison is almost certain that his wife Renee is not faithful to him. A series of strange and unpredictable events brings fear and horror to the heroes.

A sudden and ominous call to the intercom. A stranger reported the death of Dick Laurent. This was just the beginning. In the morning the postman brought fresh mail. Unexpectedly for the spouses, there were strange video cassettes in it. One film was with the image of the facade of their house. On the second, Fred and Rene themselves were filmed, the couple slept in their bed.

The Madisons went to Andy’s party. The couple hoped to have fun and have a good time. But everything changed when the hero met the Mysterious Man. Fred exchanged a few words with him. But this was enough for the couple to hastily leave the entertainment event.

The next morning was marred by a new videotape. On it, Fred saw himself. Next to him lay the dismembered corpse of Rene. Horrified by the recorded video, the hero went to the police station. Law enforcement officers are sure Fred is guilty of killing his wife. He was sentenced to death. The hero was sent to prison until the sentence entered into force.

But in the morning, instead of Fred, Pete Dayton, an auto mechanic, was in the prison cell. He was released after being placed under surveillance. Pete returned to everyday life. But soon Fred Madison turned out to be the mechanic again. What is it? A game of imagination or a great reincarnation?

The Meaning of “Lost Highway”

Murders, doppelgangers, a sick fantasy. What did the director want to say with his psychological thriller Lost Highway? According to the co-author of the film, they wanted to convey to the audience the state of a mentally ill person who cannot cope with his emotions. The history of the hero’s illness, which left an imprint on his entire future life. The consequences of the actions of a half-witted person are devastating. They defy any logic. Fred was swirled by a whirlpool of memories and time.

Some film critics, based on the name of the film, believe that the film “Lost Highway” tells the story of a man who turned off the right path in life. He stumbled and sees no further solution to his problems. However, this is not quite true. The point of Lost Highway is that the hero has lost himself. To fill the inner void, he created his own virtual world. The new reality should replace the lost one.

The husband, jealous of his wife for another, kills her. However, he cannot come to terms with the consequences of his act and quietly goes insane. To drown out the mental pain and get away from difficult memories, the hero created a new life for himself. New reality, new way.

But you can not dull the pain of a perfect deed. You can’t escape punishment. Retribution overtook him even in his own fantasy world. Imagination became his number one enemy. Mental problems turned into nightmarish hallucinations for the hero. Dreams do not allow him to sleep peacefully. In every nightmare, he sees the frightening face of the Mysterious Man, who comes to him dressed in black.

The meaning of the finale of the movie Lost Highway

Incredible Lost Highway Puzzle makes viewers think. The film begins and ends with the phrase: “Dick Laurent is dead.” What does this ominous message mean? To whom is it addressed? The meaning of the finale is that good has won. Dick Laurent, as the embodiment of horror and fear, no longer exists. No one else will harm the heroes.

The hero managed to overcome his doubts. He learned to deal with his imaginary fears. He subjugated his imagination. Why do we need virtual reality? Why is an imaginary world created? You have to live a real life. The film is about being more forgiving towards people. Ideals do not exist. Our obsessive thoughts scold us from within.

If a person does not see the further meaning of existence, if life, in his opinion, has collapsed, one should not make hasty decisions. Everything needs to be well thought out. Not all people are capable of betrayal and vile deeds. Often we notice only the negative, take offense over trifles, do not call relatives for weeks because of a stupid quarrel.

It’s important to appreciate what you have. Do not chase after illusory ideals. The closest people often go by the wayside. We try to impress others by forgetting our true values. Stop. Love and appreciate the people who are next to you in sorrow and in joy. Do not get tired of thanking them for what they just are. Until it’s too late. Until people were replaced by some memories. If a person does not correct his mistakes, they will repeat again and again.

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