The Gentlemen Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The crime comedy The Gentlemen promises to be one of the main events of 2019. Critics are sure that this work has become the best for director Guy Ritchie in the last few years. The game of a brilliant cast deserves only positive reviews. What is the true meaning of the film “Gentlemen”?

What is The Gentlemen about?

The protagonist of the film successfully graduated from Oxford. The young man is endowed with a sharp mind and good intuition. Thanks to his talents and unprecedented audacity, the hero developed a plan to enrich himself. However, to achieve his goal, the young man will have to act in a not entirely honest way. The character expects to use the impoverished estate in his idea. The scheme of a talented Oxford graduate involves illegal receipt of funds.

Over time, the enterprising character decided to sell his profitable business. The buyer was the famous influential clan of billionaires from the United States. But not everything went smoothly. Charming and ruthless gentlemen are trying to prevent him. The heroes are waiting for a serious battle, in which it is not yet known who will win. Shootouts, accidents, exchange of mutual claims. The confrontation promises to be hot and interesting.

The meaning of the film “Gentlemen”

At the beginning of the film “Gentlemen”, the main character appears before the audience in the form of a daring and self-confident master of getting easy money. Its goal is material well-being. To implement his plan, he is trying to earn the trust of the population and gradually take away money from the inhabitants. It is worth noting that his methods cannot be called dishonest. Can he be blamed for his actions? Why did the hero choose this path for himself? Each viewer will answer these questions for himself. But you can be sure of one thing: the main character decided for himself that nothing is impossible in this life.

The meaning of the crime film “Gentlemen” is that a person makes himself. Being happy is your choice. Blame fate, envy others who are more successful, get angry because of failures – this is also your choice. The hero set himself a complex and extremely ambitious goal. He developed a clear plan and, with his characteristic self-confidence, began to carry it out. However, do not forget that going over people’s heads is not quite the right decision. “Everything comes back like a boomerang.” You can’t argue with this clear and precise statement. In pursuit of enrichment, the hero forgot about human qualities.

For every power there is another power. This is what the viewer should understand after watching the film “Gentlemen”. Charming, but extremely cruel men stand in the way of a talented Oxford graduate. The character felt his impunity, but he miscalculated. He was resisted by those whom he least expected to see. Bloody races and a couple of countless cases awaited the hero. No one wants to share their property, even if it was not acquired in a completely honest way.

How are most issues resolved in The Gentlemen? Behind the closed doors of large offices, influential people discuss pressing issues. No one “beats his chest”, does not scream, does not prove his point of view in all possible ways. The word plays a bigger role here than the gun. In the film “Gentlemen” special attention is paid to the views and facial expressions. Now the eyes are the most formidable weapon.

The director in his film “Gentlemen” focused on revealing the inner qualities and characters of the characters. There are bright charismatic characters in the film, and talented daring personalities, and reserved unhurried people. Men with a sharp mind attract the eyes of the audience. The director showed what aspects should be given special attention in difficult life situations. The film “Gentlemen” reveals the strengths and weaknesses of people who can be trusted, and who is only capable of a mean act. To become happy and successful, it is not enough to graduate from a good university and find a job. It is important to become a self-sufficient person, able to stand up for himself.

The meaning of the ending of the film “Gentlemen”

While watching the film “Gentlemen”, the viewer will conclude that the storyline will make a dizzying turn several times. No one knows what will happen in the next episode. Thanks to this, the film keeps the audience in suspense until the very end. The ending of the film was also very unexpected. Guy Ritchie has managed to create a rich, vibrant and exciting film. We can confidently say that the return of the Master was extremely successful.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Gentlemen” is not clear to everyone. Money, power, material wealth are not available to everyone. You have to fight for your status. Sometimes this requires resorting to not entirely honest methods. However, the director claims that the period of high crime, gunshot skirmishes is a thing of the past. Now, first of all, you need to defend your position verbally. To take your place “under the sun”, it is important to have a reasoned point of view, self-confidence and a great desire to succeed in this life. The exchange of mutual pleasantries is not pleasant for everyone. However, there are no easy ways to achieve success in this life.

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