Ford v Ferrari Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The Meaning of Ford v Ferrari (2019). James Mangold’s “Ford v Ferrari” challenges anyone who doubts their abilities. This film is about incredible strength of mind, about self-confidence, about strong character. The story, based on real events, makes viewers take a fresh look at their own lives. How to overcome your fears and go ahead to your dream? How to step over uncertainty and demonstrate to the world all your skills and abilities? The true meaning and main idea of ​​the film “Ford v Ferrari”.

What is Ford v Ferrari about?

Two heroes. Two strong and confident personalities teamed up to rock the world. Their goal is truly grandiose. American automobile designer and British racing driver. What can be common between them. However, Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles are bound by an incredible task before them. Brave heroes decided to challenge the giants of the automotive business. In addition, Carroll and Ken struggle with themselves and their fears. And if it doesn’t work? What difficulties and obstacles await us on our way?

But brave heroes are not ready to stop at nothing. Together they will create a unique sports car. This brand new vehicle should compete with Ferrari in the World Championship, which will be held in the mid-1960s in France. An American car designer and a British racing driver are ready to prove to themselves and to all people that everything is possible in this life. A true story that will unfold the struggle for first place in the legendary Le Mans race.

The meaning of Ford v Ferrari

A story based on real events. Two incredibly strong-willed dreamers who combined their skills and abilities for a dizzying goal. A story that makes you think about what a person is really capable of. A story that shook the world and showed strength of character.

A confrontation in which no one is ready to retreat. A confrontation in which each side relies solely on victory. A confrontation that exposes the strengths and weaknesses of all participants.

Young people have not only challenged successful corporations, they have challenged fate itself. Will only luck favor them? Their hope and faith were unshakable. The film “Ford v Ferrari” shows that the power of the human spirit can work wonders. Obstacles and dangers lie in wait for people at almost every step. If you take every problem to heart, if you constantly think about your fears, then you can forget about the implementation of your grandiose plans. Human life will be more like a dull existence.

The film “Ford v Ferrari” is about the fact that sometimes it is useful to “pull yourself together” and strive, at first glance, to unrealizable heights. Who could initially believe that Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles would be able to realize their dream? Many believed that their idea would remain at the level of fantasy. But the heroes were extremely resolute in their intentions. Discussing glances, conversations behind their backs, grins only spurred on the car designer and the British racer.

The film “Ford v Ferrari” is also about the fact that you do not need to listen to absolutely all the advice. You need to analyze the incoming information and only then draw your own conclusions. Whether you succeed or not with the task, depends only on you. Nobody says it will be easy. But even if you give up, it won’t get any easier. Everything is in our hands, so they should not be lowered under any circumstances. Even if there is only one like-minded person next to you, and a whole successful corporation is against you.

The meaning of the ending of the movie “Ford v Ferrari”

Young people were burning with one common idea. Their idea was extremely incredible. Creating from scratch a powerful unique sports car, the heroes hoped not only for themselves, but also for good luck. They firmly believed in their dream. The Ferrari team won one victory after another. Representatives of Ford did not like this outcome. And they found the best option, which they decided to implement.

This is what ordinary people should do as well. Why complain about an uninteresting existence, about the lack of bright interesting events, about problems that “suffocate”, preventing you from living in peace. Each person is the creator of his own happiness. Fight and look for ways out of a difficult situation or sit with your hands folded and hope for a chance? The choice is made solely by the individual.

There will always be problems. They make up most of life. But why attach great importance to them, if there are so many things really worthy of your attention around? The film “Ford v Ferrari” is about not being afraid of your wildest desires. You should dream big, otherwise what’s the point?! Just plans for tomorrow.

If a person believes in himself, if his spirit is not broken by any circumstances, he is able to “move mountains”. It is these people who make incredible discoveries, create unique things. It is such brave, strong personalities that conquer the world. They are admired, they make everyone think about their own lives. No need to sit in your “shell”, collecting gossip and rumors, discussing colleagues and loved ones. It is necessary to direct your positive energy in the right direction.

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