Don’t Look Up Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The movie Don’t Look Up (2021) is not just a disaster movie. This is a satire on social problems, and comedy, and fantasy. Astronomers manage to see a new comet. However, their forecasts are disappointing. Very soon there will be a collision of a celestial body with the Earth. After this event, none of the people will be able to survive. Astronomers are starting to sound the alarm. Only neither the president of the country nor ordinary citizens take their words seriously. Will scientists be able to convince everyone around that humanity is in serious danger? Let’s analyze the film “Don’t Look Up” to understand its hidden meaning.

Reviews of film critics for this film are very contradictory. Many viewers agree that the film “Don’t Look Up” is a satire on everything. This story, as it were, “opens people’s eyes” to the current reality, ridicules social network users, whose needs have recently become extremely limited. People are chasing likes, trying to get more subscribers. They care about the opinions of people they don’t even know. The Internet is a collection of loneliness. Users of social networks are concerned only with physiological needs: to eat, sleep. And even then not always. People seem to be all together, but still lonely. Illusion of life.

The filmmakers did not ignore the topic of corruption. They clearly showed what the greed does to people. Characters are only interested in material goods. They do not even think about their spiritual fulfillment. They seem to be sure that wealth, material wealth will certainly make them happy. For the sake of countless treasures, they are ready for almost anything. Such people do not know how much money they need just for life. Characters adhere to the rule “the more the better.” Looking at this picture from the outside, you understand that moral values ​​are gradually depreciating. Honesty, justice, mutual assistance fade into the background.

The film “Don’t Look Up” is about the fact that people have both ups and downs on their life path. It is impossible to jump with delight every day. People have both high spirits and complete depression. But they prefer to hide their condition behind a mask. The authors of the film do not understand how you can smile in any situation. Why not allow yourself to experience real emotions?! People are afraid to appear weak, helpless. They do not want anyone to support them, they try to achieve everything on their own. If something does not work out, they do not go for help, but begin to “eat” themselves from the inside.

But not only ordinary people can be hypocritical, but also huge corporations. Companies offer characters something that helps the heroes of the story to assert themselves in the eyes of others. But for this they require a lot of money, which sometimes people simply do not have. However, even in this case, the characters do not want to look like losers in the eyes of others. They take out loans, go into debt to buy things that may not be so vital to them. Characters do not want to stand out from the crowd, they do not want to be worse than others in some way.

The meaning of the film “Don’t Look Up” is also that people have stopped listening to their true needs, paying attention to their moral state. Sometimes they don’t take the first warning signs seriously. But over time, problems accumulate like a snowball. Any non-standard, nervous situation can knock a character out of his usual life rut. But people figured out how to deal with it. They take antidepressants. In huge quantities, without hesitation, what harm they do to their body.

From the outside, everything that is ridiculed in the film looks very funny. However, as the film progresses, it becomes clear that these problems are also characteristic of modern society. Social networks have absorbed a person; he spends most of his time on the Internet. Now almost everyone has a gadget with which he does not part. People are dependent on the virtual world, on the opinions of others. But social media is just a pretty picture. Few will want to share their difficulties, problems. People are constantly looking for new stories to post online. They need likes, approval from the outside. Only with time can a person realize that this path will not lead him to happiness. In fact, Internet users are indifferent to the fate of a particular person. Every man for himself. The comments left also do not reflect the real picture.

The film “Don’t Look Up” is about how the virtual world has replaced the real one for some people. They are taken over by social media. People don’t want anyone to know their true selves. They themselves have created an image for themselves that suits them. Now they are trying to convince others of this. The filmmakers openly talk about the shortcomings that are inherent in people. However, some “truth hurts the eyes.”

In several episodes, everything looks theatrical and simulated, as if on the verge of hysteria. The characters don’t trust anyone, not even themselves. They do not pay attention to the evidence, they need to see everything for themselves. Therefore, they sometimes miss important events.

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