Bliss Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Greg hasn’t had a good day since morning. At first he was lounging at work, drawing his ideal home. Then he noticed that he had run out of medicine. Then the bad news came – an elderly man was fired. Then events began to develop even more rapidly. The hero went to the bar opposite his office. And there he met her – Isabelle. A woman expressed a thought to a man, from which his whole familiar world collapsed. Had he existed all this time in some other reality?

The idea of ​​the film “Bliss” is beyond praise. The storyline begins to spin rapidly from the very first frames. The ambitious director tried to fill his work with bright episodes and unexpected moves.

The protagonist of the film “has his head in the clouds.” He works at work, realizing that it is hopeless. No specific goals and grandiose plans. Greg is a layman who does not even think about filling his life with bright and joyful moments. A divorced man does not want to change anything. He pulled away from his teenage daughter, not wanting to take part in her upbringing. He does not like his work at all, he does not have enough stars from the sky. Only one event knocked him out of his usual life rut.

The meaning of the film “Bliss” (2021) is that sometimes a person needs some kind of push, a surge of emotions to think about the purpose of his existence. Greg’s superiors no longer turned a blind eye to his mistakes and lack of any desire to correct the situation. The main character lost his job, he was fired. The character remembered the subsequent events vaguely. Everything happened in a blur. Greg left the office in a panic. And only in the bar did the man find out the truth. The character actually lives in a computer simulation. This discovery deeply struck the hero. Greg and Isabelle will have to learn how to manage this reality. But how? The heroes themselves have to find the answer to this question.

The character just got lost in his life. An uninitiated, insecure person who drags out an aimless existence. They say about such people that they were at the very bottom. Usually people avoid such characters. Greg has only one hobby. He likes to draw his dream house on paper. Only he does nothing to make his wish come true.

The film touches on an interesting topic related to parallel worlds. But is there another reality? Are there our mirror counterparts in another universe? The film “Bliss” makes the audience think about these questions. Often a person tries to run away from his problems, which weigh heavily on him. To do this, he represents another life in which happiness and peace reign. Just do not forget that each person independently creates his own inner world.

Greg and Isabelle, once in unusual conditions for themselves, react differently to the situation. The man does not want to change anything further, because everything suits him. No circumstances can affect his decision. He is lost in his thoughts. Greg can’t imagine that existence could be different. The main thing is not just to dream, but to act to make your desire a reality. But for a man it is too difficult. His fate is a gray meaningless life. Isabelle is not like that. She is not ready to put an end to her bright existence. With her unbridled energy, a woman can move mountains and achieve the desired result. She doesn’t need a virtual world. The heroine does not want to adapt to him. Her goal is a real, eventful life.

The director set a difficult task for the audience. Everyone must determine for himself what is fiction and what really exists. The interweaving of worlds does not give the viewer the opportunity to immediately give an answer.

The film “Bliss” is filled with philosophical discussions about the meaning of existence. Often a person becomes a hostage to his own illusions. He draws an ideal world in his thoughts. However, his dreams do not always coincide with reality. The person has high hopes for the future. But his expectations are not met. Then it is important to think about the next move that will help achieve the goal. You should never give up and let life take its course. Each person creates his own happiness. To be or to seem? Act or fantasize? The answers to these questions determine the quality of existence.

Only at the end of the film does it become clear what all the movements of the characters mean. Where is the line between fiction and reality? Philosophical life film “Bliss” makes the audience take a closer look at themselves, feel the pulse. If he is, then all is not lost. We must act, otherwise all significant events will pass by. House on the coast. To make it yours, you need to work, and not just dream. For the realization of desires, you need to make some efforts. In all situations, it is important to rely, first of all, on yourself. You should not go to adjacent realities in search of happiness. It is already inside everyone.

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