A Simple Favor Ending Explained & Film Analysis

If you appreciated such films as “Bachelorette Party in Vegas”, “Cops in Skirts” and “Spy” from director Paul Fig, then you will certainly be interested in his next film “A Simple Favor”. Filmed in 2018 in the US and Canada. Starring: actress Anna Kendrick, remembered by the audience for filming in the vampire saga “Twilight” and the wife of Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively.

The plot of the picture

The plot revolves around two young women: Stephanie and Emily, who accidentally meet each other. Stephanie is a mom blogger who is clearly on the nerves. Emily is a stylish little thing, very beautiful and elegant. It seemed that these persons could have in common? But as the story progresses, it becomes clear what it is.

Women periodically meet for a glass of entertainment drinks and share with each other the details of their personal lives. On one of these evenings, they opened up and told each other secret secrets. Stephanie said that she once had an orgy with her own husband and his work colleague. And Emily told how she slept with her stepbrother.

After that, the heroines finally become close friends. Stephanie even decides to entrust her son to Emily, while she herself disappears in an unknown direction. Tormented by uncertainty about the fate of his beloved wife, Emily’s husband Sean draws closer to Stephanie. She, in turn, decides to find a friend at all costs, including with the help of her blog. But on the way of the search, unexpected facts about the one that she recently considered her best friend are revealed to her.

Film issues

The main problem raised by the director of the film, Paul Fig, is the total loneliness of women. Even being married, even immersed in their favorite business, they still do not have a soul mate nearby who is able to listen to you, understand, sympathize. That is why they are desperately trying to find this soul in anyone who shows even the slightest interest in them. This is how the “closest friend” appears, who in fact turns out to be not the one she claims to be.

A secondary theme raised in the film is, of course, gender relations. There is everything that adults can experience in relation to each other: love, and hatred, and betrayal, and betrayal. The author of the film put the whole “mosaic” of human feelings into the picture, which makes it quite colorful and diverse. The critical view of the director on the relationship between parents and children is also shown.

Film score

The film “A Simple Favor” caused the most mixed ratings from users. The genre is a thriller with hints of black humor. In principle, black humor is characteristic of almost all the works of Paul Fig, but the thriller for him became a kind of experiment, and not the most successful.

The audience noticed a lot of clichés in the film, but for the general public, this is even a big plus. But the vulgar remarks that the characters release to small children are somehow too much. In addition, Fig’s favorite black humor did not come in handy in all places.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the intricacies of the plot. The storylines are sometimes striking in their confusion, which greatly tires the audience. And these inappropriate questions from the category “Who is to blame?” and “What to do now?” are extremely inconsistent and contribute to the fact that the storyline is simply lost.

But what definitely appealed to many moviegoers was two stunning, very talented beauties. On the chic blonde  Lively in the image of a fatal beauty, you can look at it endlessly.

However, it is worth noting the obvious pluses of the thriller. Still, Paul Fig managed to make the tape really funny and stylish. The heroes of the film are cool, charismatic, handsome guys who managed to cope with their roles 100%. Actors play very convincingly, with a certain “zest”; I want to watch them play endlessly.

In short, for fans of clichéd thrillers, this film will appeal to, but not very picky. If you watch a film just for the soul, without delving into all the inconsistencies, blunders and director’s mistakes, then the picture is very personal.

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