The Meaning of A Clockwork Orange 1971

The film “A Clockwork Orange” is another incredible work of the great director Stanley Kubrick. This film intertwined social, philosophical, moral problems of society. The institution of the family is deteriorating. The state has a huge influence on the life of everyone, carefully controlling the steps and actions of people. What is the hidden meaning of the movie “A Clockwork Orange”?

What is A Clockwork Orange about?

Futuristic London. Young people, sitting in a bar, drank an unusual cocktail – “Milk Plus”. This strange drink contained banned substances. These drugs prompted young Alex DeLarge and his gang to commit acts of “ultra-violence”.

After visiting a bar, the heroes beat up a homeless man, got into a fight with a rival gang, stole a high-speed car, illegally broke into the writer’s house and raped his wife. After a series of ugly adventures, the gang led by Alex again ended up in a bar. In this institution, the young hero brutally beat his friend for not letting him listen to classical music. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is a work that the notorious bandit loved infinitely.

However, the other members of the criminal gang are dissatisfied with the behavior of the young man. Comrades expressed their claims to Alex. The young man does not agree with the accusations. To prove his superiority, he beat the members of his group. However, the bandits held a grudge. When committing another crime, they betrayed their leader. Alex after the attack on the mansion of the Cat Girl ended up in the police station. In addition, the hero received a real prison term for the murder of the mistress of a robbed house.

While serving his sentence, Alex got acquainted with the Bible. Gradually, the hero became a participant in religious services. The prison where the leader of the group was kept was often visited by high-ranking officials. After the next visit of important persons of the state, Alex was offered to participate in a strange experiment, the purpose of which was to apply new methods of corrective therapy. For this he was promised early release. However, Alex did not even imagine what he would have to face. Will the hero be able to withstand the experiment, and what conclusion will he draw for himself?

Meaning of “A Clockwork Orange”

The film “A Clockwork Orange” can be conditionally divided into two parts: before the announcement of the court verdict and after. The crime and the punishment for that act. Animal instincts in the first part of the film prevail over common sense. Heroes are driven only by physical attraction. For young people, it doesn’t really matter whether their victims agree or are vehemently against. They pursue only their own selfish goals and interests. When creating corrective therapy, this point was taken into account. They have developed a program that evokes negative associations with many urges, including sexual ones.

What was the relationship between the gang members? Who is stronger, he could beat a friend. Leadership was proved with the help of fists and fights. Alex wanted to dominate the group, he was obsessed with power, for which he paid. Violence breeds violence. Initially, Alex achieved his leadership by force, at the end of the film, his methods played a cruel joke on him. Former comrades-in-arms – embittered and vindictive people – did not forgive the actions of their former leader.

The population is in constant fear. People are afraid to go out. Groups of young bandits attacked the cities. Why did such a situation occur? Who is to blame for this cruelty towards ordinary people?

This film is the story of a single individual. With all its vices, shortcomings, flaws. The director skillfully showed the hidden instincts that a person cannot control. The ruthless truth: it is not love that rules the world. The world is mired in cruelty. In this situation, it is important to remain human. No events should lead people astray from their life path. You need to be honest with yourself.

In this life, you must always rely solely on yourself. Then nothing will “knock” a person out of his usual rut, no shocks will cause him irreparable damage. None of us, unfortunately, is immune from betrayal and vile deeds. But even in this case it is impossible to resort to violence. The director wanted to emphasize that with the help of coercive actions it is impossible to change a person.

Meaning of the ending of A Clockwork Orange

Violence and cruelty have become almost the norm of human society. Impersonal youth riots have taken over the world. Conflicts with the authorities only aggravated the situation in many countries. However, the director, with the help of his film A Clockwork Orange, wants to tell all viewers that the state, religion, and criminals should not be blamed. You have to start yourself. The blame for what happened is equally shared by everyone. We have allowed such cruel events. It is foolish to substitute others, to write off misfortunes and troubles on bandits.

Unexpected ending to the movie. No, Alex did not become an exemplary citizen. In his fantasies again sexual desire. Now the hero is sure what he will do when he leaves the walls of the hospital. It has not been changed, not rebuilt. He has no aversion to violence. Instincts took over again. To change society, one must always start with oneself.

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