The Meaning of 2001: A Space Odyssey

The film “2001: A Space Odyssey” was filmed by director Kubrick based on the literary work of the same name “A Space Odyssey” by Arthur C. Clarke in 1968. The film is quite difficult to perceive and think about, so the audience was divided into two quite logical camps. Some argue that the director was unable to correctly convey the meaning of the literary work, and because of this, the film is devoid of any idea. Others admire the deep meaning that Kubrick was able to convey, the acting and the emotional richness of the film. What is the meaning of this film – let’s try to figure it out.

First you need to remember that watching a movie without reading the original source is a waste of time. Before watching the movie, we advise you to read the book – after that, watching the movie will be much easier and more understandable. Much will fall into place and most of the actions of the heroes will have a completely different meaning.

The graphics used by the director in the film won a lot of attention. At that time, there were only a few such films – they were shot with high quality and using the latest high-quality technology at that time. There are no dialogues and no plot development in the film, but this does not affect the value of the picture itself.

This is just one of those films that makes the viewer not only watch and forget, but think and try to catch some sense from what they have watched. The film leaves a lot of questions and messages for reflection, a philosophical meaning that not everyone can understand.

The protagonist found himself no one knows how far from the Earth, where events happen to him in space, forcing him to fight for life. Ultimately, we see the protagonist at the end of the film at an advanced age, ready to depart for another world. The meaning of this picture is the deepest, but let’s try to explain at least some of its fragments for ourselves.

A person has been fighting all his life for existence, the opportunity to earn well and feed his family, build a career, achieve success and goals. Closer to old age, he already has little strength to continue to develop in the same rhythm. A person is aging, there is little strength and desire for later life. Death is coming. Death is not always bad. Many do not understand what it is and are afraid of this phenomenon.

But in fact, no one knows what awaits a person after his biological death. Perhaps this is a new world in which a person will continue to live, gaining new strengths and opportunities. Maybe his soul will be reborn into a new person and make it possible for another person to be born.

Each of us at least once in our lives, but thought about what awaits him after death. No one has a truly correct idea of ​​what they will have to face when earthly life ends. In the film, the protagonist Bowman dies and becomes the embryo of a new person who has passed a new stage of evolution. It has just been born and after some time will descend from space to earth. This time must come, and Bowman is waiting for that very moment to bring life to the planet in a new form and in a new understanding.

Cosmos is a philosophical phenomenon in itself. There are so many unknown, incomprehensible things in it that hundreds of millions of years will not be enough to study all this. The human brain is also not enough to understand how and why everything works. The transcendent boundaries of the human mind are negligible compared to the boundless physical and material expanses of the cosmos. Often there is a lot going on there that cannot succumb to the classical laws of nature and human logic, understanding how the world works.

Perhaps, in its depths, one can find answers to questions that concern mankind and cause controversy for centuries. Where did man come from on earth? Why is it not possible to create a ship on which one could get to neighboring galaxies, of which there are billions in outer space? How was our planet actually created, and is there any chance that it may someday disappear? Millions of questions and so few truthful answers. It is evolution that should lead humanity to understanding. the surrounding world and the laws of his life. Then life will become much easier.

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