Just a Breath Away Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The fantastic thriller Just a Breath Away is a spectacular film about selfless salvation. Paris is shrouded in smoke that kills all life. Dangerous haze swallowed up most of the inhabitants. But not all the characters who survived are ready to just wait for help. Desperate parents will do anything to help their daughter.

The meaning of the film Just a Breath Away

The action of the film takes place in Paris. The hero of the film has recently returned from Canada. It was a forced trip. The character needs to find an effective method of treating his daughter. The baby is completely dependent on the pressure chamber. Without this special device, she simply will not survive. The atmosphere of the metropolis, which contains harmful substances and poisonous gases, is too destructive for her health. Despite all the difficulties and obstacles, the girl’s father does not give up. He is sure that one day luck will smile at him.

But the character’s wife has a different opinion. The heroine no longer hopes that someday their daughter will cross the threshold of an ordinary school. Between the spouses there is a protracted conflict. The only thing that binds them is the love for their daughter. Parents understand that it is important to support and protect their girl. But one day all the quarrels of the heroes faded into the background. An unusual fog descended on Paris. His peculiarity was that he killed all living things that were in his field of reach.

The couple miraculously managed to escape. They managed to climb to the top floor, where the fog cannot rise. Despite the relative safety, the heroes cannot feel calm. Their daughter is in the pressure chamber. When oxygen stops flowing into the device, inevitable death awaits her. Parents cannot allow this. They go through options, looking for possible ways to help them save their daughter. At stake is not only the life of their girl, but also the meaning of their existence.

The main idea of ​​the film Just a Breath Away is that it is very important for all people to have a person to whom one could speak out, from whom one could ask for advice. Sharing your experiences is essential. Otherwise, one day a person may simply not endure. His grief can crush him. To prevent this from happening, you do not need to accumulate resentment and problems in yourself.

The meaning of the ending of the film Just a Breath Away

The meaning & explanation of the ending of the film Just a Breath Away. In the center of the film are the experiences, sufferings of a single family. Parents understand that if they fail to save their daughter, then their future life will not be worth anything. There was a crisis in the relationship of the spouses. They no longer understand each other. But it was not always so. Once the characters loved and appreciated each other. To remember past emotions, to revive faded feelings, they needed a shake-up. A joint search for solutions, a common goal were to rally the spouses again.

The characters were placed in a closed space. To achieve the desired results, they need to work together. The heroes realize that not only the life of their daughter, but also of themselves depends on their further actions. The faces of the characters are tense and focused. Behind every gesture, every glance hides growing anxiety, heartache and hope. Being in mortal danger, they must decide quickly and accurately. All their thoughts are concentrated on one thing. Their main task is to give their daughter a chance for salvation. No matter how hard it takes them. For the sake of their child, parents are ready to do anything.

But not all actions of the heroes can be called correct and logical. Sometimes ridiculous situations or unforeseen circumstances cause characters to turn back. Only parents do not despair. Just a Breath Away is not a film about the end of the world. The meaning of the tape’s ending is that life never stands still. The disaster that occurred in the city taught the characters a hard lesson. After this event, they realized that it was never too late to start everything from scratch. Once in a situation that could end very badly for the characters, they suddenly realized what is most important in life. Heroes have revised their values ​​and views. Once they had already taken a wrong turn. They won’t let that happen again.

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