The Matrix Resurrections Ending Explained & Film Analysis

“Matrix 4: Resurrection”: what happened to Neo and Trinity 60 years later.

“Matrix 4” – a new part of the world-famous franchise – was called “Resurrection”. She continued the story of the struggle of a handful of people with artificial intelligence. AI has turned most of humanity into a farm, while creating the appearance of an ideal existence.

However, fans of The Matrix will surely remember that all the key characters of the trilogy die at the end. That is why the new film is interesting because the writers decided to beat the story of their return to the big screen. After all, in fact, the picture has already received a completely logical ending.

The American screening took place on December 22, 2021.  Return of the Matrix


The world cinema first met the Matrix franchise in 1999. The picture was shot by brothers (and now sisters, both famous directors changed their gender) Wachowski, and immediately won the hearts of fans of combat fiction with colorful special effects, dynamic development of events, and hidden subtext.

After 4 years, two sequels to the picture appear on the screen at once: “Reboot” and “Revolution”. Despite the fact that fans greeted the continuation quite favorably, according to critics, the sequels did not achieve the desired effect, and were noticeably inferior in dynamics to the first part of the franchise.

Despite this, the scriptwriters managed to bring the trilogy to the finale, managing to dot the “e”. And now, 18 years after completion, information appears that the fourth part of The Matrix is ​​being released.

It is quite natural that many questions immediately arose for the director and screenwriter of The Matrix 4, Lana Wachowski. Chief among them – why did she decide to continue the story? It is noteworthy that after the release of the last sequel, Warner Brothers approached the Wachowski brothers almost every year with offers to make a new film for the franchise that has already become a classic of world cinema. However, the Wachowskis responded with an invariable refusal, justifying this by saying that the story was logically completed.

When it was reported that The Matrix 4: Resurrection would be released in 2021, Lana Wachowski commented on why she changed her original decision.

At the Berlin Literature Festival, the director revealed that she changed her mind after her parents died. These were the two closest people, after whose departure a void formed around. And suddenly an insight came to Lana: after all, she still had Neo and Trinity.

The Wachowski SistersThe Wachowski sisters, directors of The Matrix 4: Resurrection.

Let them die, but it is in the power of the screenwriter to bring them back to life. Moreover, it is impossible to truly die in the matrix. Therefore, as sad as it sounds, The Matrix 4 will appear solely due to the mental suffering of Lana Wachowski. Perhaps that is why the sequel received such a symbolic name – “Resurrection”.

The plot of the film “The Matrix 4: Resurrection”

The action of the fourth part takes place 60 years after the main events.

Official trailer.


Part 4 of the franchise begins with references to the first part. Bugs and Seka watch the Matrix and see Trinity escaping from the agents chasing her. However, the matrix code is unusual, so the eventfulness of the picture changes somewhat. The watchers are spotted by the agents and they try to escape. As a result, Bugs ends up in the former apartment of Thomas Anderson, where she is dragged by one of the agents, who introduces himself as Morpheus. The program is trying to figure out the situation, Bugs offers her a red pill to get out of the matrix, as a result, the Morpheus program turns out to be on the side of the people and takes part in the further search for Neo.

Anderson himself does not die in the city of machines. It is being restored by a new matrix architect, the Analyst. According to the insidious program, Neo is the perfect battery for cars, providing an incredible amount of energy. However, Trinity is needed to achieve the desired effect. At the same time, Neo must constantly look for his girlfriend. The analyst managed to realize it.


Thomas Anderson lives in the Matrix and is a world-famous computer game designer. He is one of the developers behind the hugely popular game The Matrix, which is getting ready for a reboot. His companion is a new rendering of Agent Smith. Thomas is very reluctant to join the work.

His psyche is unstable, Neo is tormented by nightmares and strange dreams, he visits a psychoanalyst. One day in a cafe, Thomas meets Trinity. In this version of the matrix, her name is Tiffany, she is married and has two children. Thomas and Trinity manage to talk, but are unaware that they had a common past.

Neo is found by Bugs and Morpheus. The latter offers Neo to choose one of the pills to get out into the real world, but Anderson refuses. He thinks it’s all happening in his brain. However, Bugs was able to convince Neo. He takes a red pill, wakes up in a capsule, which is located in the city of machines. Here he is picked up by the crew of the Bugs ship.

Anderson learns that 60 years have passed since the victory over the machines. Neo managed to achieve a truce between humans and machines, which led to a split among the latter. Now there are some machines and programs on the side of the people. At the same time, thanks to technology, programs can materialize in the world of people.

Film frame

For everyone, Neo remains a legend. He returns to the human city of Io, which is led by Captain Niobe, who has aged greatly and has become a general. Neo insists on trying to free Trinity. The rescue plan is being developed by the girl program Sati, whom Anderson met in the third part of the trilogy. The weak point of the whole plan is that Trinity must make a voluntary choice, otherwise it will not work to tear her out of the matrix.

The analyst accepts Neo’s terms. If Trinity agrees to leave, he lets them go. If not, Neo voluntarily returns to the capsule and remains a battery. Initially, Trinity refuses: her husband comes to the meeting place with children, and reports that her daughter had an accident. Trinity leaves but returns to Neo. The analyst breaks his word. He is a full-fledged master of the matrix, so he slows down time, intending to kill Trinity. Unexpectedly, Agent Smith intervenes, stopping the analyst and allowing the couple to escape. Once on the roof, Neo and Trinity try to take advantage of Anderson’s ability to fly. They jump and fall down. However, the fall is slowed down by Trinity, hovering in the air and holding onto Neo. Heroes remain in the world of people.

At the end, they visit the Analyst in the Matrix. Now Trinity and Neo completely control the virtual space, being actually gods. Trinity kills and resurrects the Analyst several times in retaliation. He reveals that this version is a simulation within a simulation, in response Trinity and Neo declare that they will build this world on their own, where they can do anything.

In the post-credits scene, a video game company can be seen. There is a meeting on further development, however, we are no longer talking about the continuation of the Matrix. The main idea is to introduce viral cat videos to the market. The working title of this business idea is “Katyatrix”.

The meaning of the ending

The finale of The Matrix 4 is unambiguous, and in general, it does not have a double bottom and hidden subtext. Neo and Trinity are reunited. Together, they have incredible strength, which gives them the ability to control this version of the matrix.

The ending is optimistic. This is the logical conclusion of the love story. In addition, given the mutually beneficial cooperation between people and part of the machines, it can be assumed that humanity is waiting for a bright and prosperous future.

Actors and roles

The main backbone of The Matrix 4: The Return has remained virtually unchanged. We definitely saw Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss.

shot from the setShot from the set.

In addition, Niobe and Merovingian (Jad Pinkett-Smith and Lambert Wilson) are involved in the storyline.

Agent Smith is not in the new Matrix. Actor Hugo Weaving was unable to take part in the filming due to a busy work schedule. However, another antagonist probably appeared in the picture – Agent Jones (Daniel Bernhardt).

Morpheus remained in the new “Matrix”, but his role was played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen.

Yahya Abdul-MateenYahya Abdul-Mateen. Photo from

Among the new actors are:

  • Neil Patrick Harris;
  • Jessica Henwick;
  • Jonathan Groff;
  • Priyanka Chopra;
  • Ellen Hallman.

What is the meaning of The Matrix

One of the key features of The Matrix is ​​hidden subtexts. This gives fans an almost limitless field to search for the true meaning of this film. For example, on the forums, in all seriousness, versions were considered that the idea of ​​the Wachowski matrix was suggested by aliens. It was also widely discussed that notorious Freemasons had a hand in the creation of the film.

4th part of the MatrixFrame from the film.

In general, fans see a variety of meanings in the “matrix”: from religious to political. However, if you do not get into the jungle of discussions, then you can characterize the director’s intention in just a few words.

Morpheus explained the laws of the matrix. He told Neo that all the limitations we face live only in our head. It is our thinking that defines and shapes our reality. This is the meaning of the film “The Matrix” (all its parts).

For example, if a person knows that he cannot fly, then he will never be able to jump above his head and soar into the sky. However, if we remove the stereotyped barriers that someone has installed in our brain, then the possibilities of a person become almost limitless.

Expanding thinking, a person automatically increases the limits of perception. It is these boundaries that Neo erases after taking the red pill, and he falls out of the matrix in which most of humanity lives happily. This is what makes him the Chosen One – a kind of messiah of the new world.

frame from the teaserFrame from the film.

The general essence of the fourth “Matrix” is rather ambiguous. The point of The Matrix Resurrection, like the previous parts of the trilogy, is about choice. Blue or red pill, stay asleep or wake up and fight the machines, your life or the life of a friend. Such a choice arises before the heroes constantly.

The paradox is that no one has any choice. Everything goes as it is destined by fate. That is why Neo cannot be happy in any version of the matrix. His place is among the people. He is the Chosen One, but at the same time he perfectly understands the mechanism of the matrix itself. He knows her best, and if Lana Wachowski decides to release a sequel, then Neo would be perfect for the role of the Architect.

From this feature follows the general essence of the “Matrix”. Here no one will ever be free. In this world, freedom is just another illusion. The main task of the matrix is ​​to give people a goal, no matter where it will be, in the real world or the virtual one.

Unlike previous Architects, the Analyst created an algorithm based on human feelings. But in addition to love or hatred, this also includes a sense of duty that all the inhabitants of Io have. The most interesting thing is that everyone is looking for freedom in this film, people and machines. However, they cannot find it. It is necessary to achieve one goal, a new, more complex one appears. Therefore, the matrix is ​​a vicious circle, increasingly intertwined with the real world.

Why isn't Fishburne (Morpheus) in The Matrix 4?

The answer is surprisingly simple and banal - Laurence Fishburne was simply not invited to the shooting. The actor himself was not upset, and in his commentary he explained that although he considers his role in The Matrix one of the most significant in his career, he wants the audience to remember him from other works.
It can be added that Joe Pantoliano, who played the role of the traitor Cypher, was not invited to star in The Matrix 4. However, this actor did not agree with this state of affairs, and wrote to Lana Wachowski about his desire to participate in the filming of the fourth part. However, there was no response from the director.

What song is playing in the trailer?

For the trailer's sound design, the track White Rabbit, performed by the rock band Jefferson Airplane, was chosen.

What is the budget for The Matrix 4?

According to unverified reports, $220,000,000 was spent on the filming of the film. With such a budget, you can expect a really spectacular and spectacular action, the main thing is not to let the plot down.

Where was The Matrix 4 filmed?

Filming took place in San Francisco, with some scenes filmed in Berlin.

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