The Mandalorian Season 2 Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The Mandalorian web series is a highly anticipated entry in the Star Wars franchise. Its action takes place after several years of the legendary film Return of the Jedi. Pedro Pascal played the title role in The Mandalorian. The first season was a resounding success, and so the series was renewed for a second season without hesitation. Moreover, a third one was also announced.

The second season was created for quite a long time due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the last stages of editing took place remotely, which was inconvenient. But the series still came out in full. Let’s see what this season was about and how it ended.

What is the series about

Dean still needs to get the baby back into the hands of the Jedi so he can live in peace. The Mandalorian is looking for other co-workers who could help with this task. On Tatooine, he finds one, but in reality he will not be what he seemed. Then our hero decides to help the Lady Frog, because if he takes her to the right place to her husband, he will receive information about the Mandalorians. But Dean is hiding from starfighters who wanted to test him on one of the icy planets. Baby Yoda discovers eggs there, and the ship is attacked by spiders.

When the Mandalorian went to his friends, he was well aware that his ship would not withstand a long trip to the desired planet. The ship is being repaired, Dean is leaving, but he does not even suspect that a small surveillance device, secretly attached to the ship, will now go with him.

He finds Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka, through her powers, made contact with the Kid and learned some things about him. It turns out that this mysterious creature has a name – his name is Grog. Moreover, he studied at the Jedi Temple. As a result, Tano still refuses to train Grog, despite his past promise to the Mandalorian. This happens for one simple reason – the Kid has already become very used to Dean, and separation from him will lead to at least sadness and, at the most, to the fact that Grog will take the dark side. The heroes, on her advice, go to a temple on a distant planet. On Tython, they will be met by Boba Fett, demanding the return of the armor. But the Kid managed to start contact with another Jedi, and subsequently Star Wars fans were extremely surprised by this. Then shuttles arrive for Grog, they take him away. Subsequently, the Mandalorian will try to find out his whereabouts.

The Mandalorian season 2 ending explained

Grogo still did not return to his original place, because the Jedi, whom he saw when he was in the temple, will be a very reliable teacher.

The story of the Mandalorian this season ended quite well for him himself: Gideon entered the battle with Dean, but despite his strength and cunning, he was defeated. The Mandalorian has now become the owner of the sword, which is very honorable, and the fork here is as follows: either we will have a battle with Bo-Katan next season, which will fight for the sword, or the Mandalorian will now become the ruler of the people, or these events will be sequential.

But in the final, in the scene after the credits, you can see how Fett comes to Jabba’s castle (already, however, Jabba does not belong). Now Boba Fett is the main character of the criminal Tatooine.

And after the heroes realized that the attack aircraft were in place and the situation was unsolvable, a star fighter flew to them. A mysterious stranger in a black cloak emerged from it, who helped to cut the enemies. That stranger was Luke Skywalker. He had just begun to form his Jedi academy. It was Luke who made contact with Grogo in that temple.

Dean gives Baby Yoda to Luke, but it is obvious that this decision is not very easy for the hero. Apparently, the encounters with Grogo and the Mandalorian, if any, will not be as frequent as before, and Dean will now seek adventure with the sword he has obtained.

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