The Intouchables Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The Intouchables: a film about limitless human possibilities

Serious hopes that the French film The Intouchables will soar to the highest levels of world ratings, even the not so well-known film directors Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakash had no serious hopes. The concept did not particularly give a novelty, it promised boredom, obsessive moralizing and notations about a tolerant attitude towards people with disabilities. Too “star” actors and large-scale advertising did not master the allocated budget.

Comedy 1 + 1 (2011), explanation of the hidden meaning of the film
However, in spite of everything, The Intouchables was recognized as an ingenious masterpiece of the comedy genre with a slight touch of drama. The film won the hearts of millions of viewers around the globe. It masterfully combines music that grabs the soul, worthy acting, high-quality direction, natural and not vulgar humor. The storyline is fairly flat, without unexpected sharp edges. Everything is in moderation here: the film will make you laugh, cry a little and think about the meaning of life in general. This is much more than just another story about a prince and a beggar.

What is the Difference Between Real Story and Plot Story

The realism of the story helps to penetrate the story. Although, in order to understand the meaning, it is not at all necessary to know that the plot is copied from real events. We are talking about the rich aristocrat Philip Pozzo di Borgo and the lawbreaker Abdella Sella, who was repeatedly imprisoned for robbery.

Edits to the script were made with the direct participation of the prototype of the protagonist. To dilute the tape with jokes “with salt and pepper” is only his wish. Interestingly, the directors replaced the Arab roots of the second hero with Afro-French, without looking at the fact that this is a significant discrepancy.

Comedy 1 + 1 (2011), explanation of the hidden meaning of the film

Usually immigrants from Africa adapt much easier in society and do not disdain dirty work. The contradiction between them and the indigenous French people is not as vivid as in the case of the Arabs – the instigators of the lawlessness, the owners of most of the “vacant” places in city prisons, the permanent recipients of welfare (unemployment benefits for immigrants).

It is difficult to say whether such a substitution was made on purpose for national reasons. Perhaps this step was taken in order to facilitate the perception of the plot for the viewer. It is probably much easier to believe in a black man pulling compression stockings over a sick person’s legs, rather than a Middle Eastern representative who is involuntarily associated with the underworld doing the same. It is possible that such an opinion is just prejudice, but still there is some truth in it.

The rest of the plot is devoid of any social oppositions. There are no stereotypes of division into blacks and whites at all. With a crazy difference in characters, lifestyles and fates of the heroes, restlessness is tightly connected, giving rise to friendship, mutual assistance and understanding.

Why did the characters merge internally?

The main characters are brought face to face by a common case. The purpose of this meeting with the former criminal Driss is trivial – to sign a paper with a refusal to accept for a position with another employer, in order to then receive unemployment benefits. Philip is looking for a responsible assistant who would “become his hands and feet.”

Comedy 1 + 1 (2011), explanation of the hidden meaning of the film

Absolute antipodes – a classic representative of the aristocratic stratum, who became the victim of an accident, and who does not understand anything about the culture and moral foundations of behavior, a poor Afro-Frenchman from the Parisian suburbs, where crime reigns. One is calm and measured, the other is flighty and crazy.

Comedy 1 + 1 (2011), explanation of the hidden meaning of the film

It would seem, what is common between two completely opposite personalities? Despite all the everyday problems, the eyes of the street child are burning with a thirst for life, endless energy boils in him. This is what captivates a wealthy disabled person who, like his new black caregiver, has nothing to lose.

And Philip was not wrong. Driss did not spare him, like the rest of his entourage and dozens of previous workers. The guy treated him like a healthy person, as if not noticing the wheelchair, treacherously betraying the fact that he was a paralytic, not feeling anything from neck to toes. In relationships, the usual, but defiant contempt, servility for the sake of money does not slip.

Comedy 1 + 1 (2011), explanation of the hidden meaning of the film

Driss has a personal opinion on everything, which he does not even think to hide. The eccentric ridicules the surrealistic picture, calling it worthless scabbards, licks from high art in the theater, gives out funny associations with centuries-old masterpieces of classical music. He makes Philip go through a real emotional shake-up, smile all the time, see the joys in the little things. Having pulled the ward out of the cocoon of everyday life, the assistant gives him a second wind and a desire for life.

Comedy 1 + 1 (2011), explanation of the hidden meaning of the film

Driss himself was not spared. The young man looked differently at the world of people who have everything: wealth, power, pathos. Having overstepped his principles, he began to serve a disabled person and learn to live in a decent society, overcame his own fears by flying off the ground on a paraglider.

Comedy 1 + 1 (2011), explanation of the hidden meaning of the film

The heroes are similar in that both of them are dismissed as hopeless. Sentenced to a similar outcome, having crossed, they take each other for the norm, find a harmonious relationship, erasing all invisible barriers among themselves. The story has a good ending. The fact that a paralytic was able to live almost fully is inspiring and impressive much more than if he became a prisoner of his own helplessness and, in despair, decided on euthanasia.

What is the idea behind the film

Our society is accustomed to perceive national minorities as hostile, to give a haughty compassionate glance or simply not to notice the disabled, as well as the lost street gopniks. Many find it easier to erase from life people who do not fit into the standard framework. This truth does not apply to everyone, but it is worth considering. You can’t be so categorical. You need to be able to support, without making any emphasis on certain features, and sometimes remember the saying: “Even a bad person can be corrected by giving him a chance.”

Comedy 1 + 1 (2011), explanation of the hidden meaning of the film

The film teaches the viewer not to wait for the right time to be happy. Difficulties take place in the life of any person, regardless of status and position in society: some are replaced by others, then others, and so on ad infinitum. It would not hurt to learn to live with them, to enjoy every allotted day, to appreciate what you have at the moment. After all, life is short, so there is a huge risk of simply not having time to enjoy short moments, spending it on self-pity, depression and melancholy.The Upside with Kevin Hart and Brian Cranston, 1 + 1 remake adaptation

Fun fact about the film: Famous comedian Kevin Hart and Breaking Bad star Brian Cranston starred in the remake adaptation of The Intouchables. The film is called “The Upside” and will be released in the spring of 2019.

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