Meaning of The Idol by W.A.S.P. & Song Story

Most music critics consider the concept album The Crimson Idol (“Blood Red Idol”) to be the pinnacle of the work of the famous heavy metal band WASP. All compositions included in this disc are united by a common storyline. In a few words, it can be recounted as the rise and fall of a fictional rock star named Jonathan Steele.

It would probably be more logical to look at the history of the creation of songs from the album The Crimson Idol and analyze their meaning, starting with the first track and ending with the last one, but, obeying the wishes of the readers of the Blimey website, I will first briefly talk about a wonderful rock ballad called The Idol.

Story of creation and meaning

In this song, Jonathan comes to the realization that, despite his insane popularity, no one needs him and is alone. His hopes were not justified, and he does not even have anyone to share his bitter feelings with. He understands that all his life he wanted only the love of his parents, and fame and money cannot give it. Jonathan sinks into a depression that will eventually drive him to suicide.

The Idol was one of four Crimson Idol tracks to be released as singles.

Music video

The video for The Idos – WASP was directed by Blackie Lolles, the author of the entire concept album. According to him, he was very glad that he was allowed to do everything himself.

The Idol Lyrics

Will I be alone this morning
Will I need my friends
Something just to ease away the pain
And now I never see the loneliness
Behind my face
I am just a prisoner to my faith

If I could only stand and stare in the mirror would I see
One fallen hero with a face like me
And if I scream, could anybody hear me
If I smash the silence, you’ll see what fame has done to me

Kiss away the pain and leave me lonely
I’ll never know if love’s a lie
Ooh – being crazy in paradise is easy
Can you see the prisoners in my eyes

Where is the love to shelter me
Give me love, love set me free
Where is the love to shelter me
Only love, love set me free
Set me free

The Idol Lyrics Alternative

Will I face the morning alone?
Will I need friends?
Anything to ease the pain
And I will never be alone again
Deep down inside
I’m just a prisoner of my faith

If only I could stand up and look in the mirror I would see
One fallen hero with a face like mine
And if I scream will anyone hear me
If I break the silence, you will see what fame has turned me into

With kisses take away my love and leave me alone
I will never know if love is a lie
Oh-oh-oh, it’s easy to be crazy in paradise
Do you see the prisoners in my eyes?

Where is the love that will shelter me?
Give me love, love set me free
Where is the love that will shelter me?
Only love, love will set me free
Will set me free

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