Meaning of Ooh La La in L.A. by Slade & The Story Behind

Members of the rock band Slade never considered the song Ooh La La in LA a hit, but in the territory of the former Soviet Union it became perhaps their most famous composition. This still surprises musicians, because neither in the USA nor in Germany, where the composition was released as a single, did it even make it to the top 100 charts.

Perhaps the reason is that Western listeners understood the text, which does not shine with deep meaning, and English-speaking music lovers simply enjoyed cool music.

The story of creation and the meaning of the song Ooh La La in LA by Slade

The composition was written by the band’s vocalist Noddy Holder and bassist Jim Lea no later than 1985.

Guitarist Dave Hill summed it up this way:

This is a very uncharacteristic song for Slade. Her words are very autobiographical. One verse talks about Don , who was always made fun of by everyone. Also mentioned is Marquee, which means The Sunset Marquee, where many bands have stayed. There’s a verse about Barney’s Beanery where we used to play pool all the time. Actually this song was written for the Rogues Gallery album and it is based on the events of our last trip to LA to promote Run Runaway.

So Ooh La La in LA is a joke song about how the guys from Slade spent time in the City of Angels, trying to win over the American public (notoriously without much success).

It can be added that the lines about George and Ms. Zimmerman also imply Don Powell (George is his middle name), whom the tabloids wrote about as dating the daughter of Bob Dylan (real name is Zimmerman).

Release and achievements


The song Ooh La La in LA was included in the album You Boyz Make Big Noize and released as a single, as mentioned above, in the US and Germany. It was the last single the band recorded with RCA. Due to lack of commercial success, the contract was terminated.

In support of Ooh La La in LA, a music video was planned to feature the band members appearing in the locations described in the song. But the producers dropped the idea after the track failed to chart.

But Slade fans liked the song. In 1987, the group’s international fan club held a poll for the best song from the new album, and Ooh La La in LA was in first place.

But she is especially popular in Poland, where she is still loved. However, in recent years, interest in Ooh La La in LA has awakened in other countries, as evidenced by more than eight hundred thousand views of just one of the videos on YouTube.


Ooh La La in LA Lyrics by Slade

Whiplash in the dead of night
Down on Sunset dynamite,
Blinding lights on the Marquee shining bright.
There’s George on his knees again,
On the town with Miss Zimmerman,
Alert the media and then my friend.

Ooh la la in LA, Ooh la la in the USA
One night stands with a one night band is this
Ooh la la in LA, Ooh la la in the USA
Making out every turn on a hit and miss.

You see the food and you feel the force
BLT and there ain’t no sauce,
You get enough to feed a horse that’s true.
Down at Barney’s playing pool,
Minnesota Fats is ultra-cool,
A load of balls make you look a fool then you.

runaway on the radio,
A powerplay every hour or so
A never ending red eyed TV show.

It’s in the dead of night, And it’s a dynamite,
The blinding lights are shining brighter and brighter.
He’s on his knees again,
Alert the media my friend.

Lyrics of Ooh La La in LA Alternate

The snap of the whip in the dark night
Dynamite explosion on Sunset Boulevard
Blinding Marquee lights bright shine
Here’s George on his knees again
In the city with Miss Zimmerman
Come on friend give a sign to the media

Oh la la in LA, oh la la in the USA
It’s an evening show with a one-night band
Oh la la in LA, oh la la in the USA
That lights one hit and disappears

You see the food and feel the power
Sandwich with bacon and no sauce
You are served enough to feed a horse
Playing pool at Barney’s
Minnesota Fats is a super cool game
A bunch of balls puts you in a stupid position

radio rotation,
Repeating tracks every hour
Never ending TV show

Everything happens late at night and it’s cool
Blinding lights getting brighter and brighter
He’s on his knees again
Call the media my friend

Song quote

…Ooh La La in LA… was never a hit for us, but in Poland it is incredibly popular. And therefore it is not clear how in this vast country it can be popular, but not here.

Dave Hill

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