Meaning of the song Brightside by The Killers

American rock band The Killers released the track Mr. Brightside featured on Hot Fuss’ debut studio album. It became a mega hit, climbed high in the charts in different countries, got into numerous ratings of the best songs and withstood several editions that sold out in huge circulations.

History of the creation of the song Mr. bright side

The composition was one of the early creations of the author duo Brandon Flowers and Dave Kening. About how it was written, says Flowers:

We must have written it around the end of 2001. Then me and Dave [Dave Keuning ] writing tons of songs, trying to figure out what turns us on. I remember we went to the Virgin Megastore to buy Is This It [альбом The Strokes] the day he left. And when we played the record in the car, it sounded just perfect. After that, I was so depressed that we threw everything away, and the only song that remained and made it to the record was “Mr. Bright Side…

It came from an idea cassette that Dave gave me. One of them was a riff from Mr. brightside. I managed to concoct a chorus and some words for it, and I realized that I like it. But only when we first rehearsed it with the drummer [Ronnie Vannucci]I realized that she was special.

NME, 2012

Work on the lyrics of the song Mr Brightside was difficult:

I remember recording a demo in the studio, but still writing the lyrics. I was playing for time – that’s why the second verse is the same as the first – I just got stuck.

NME, 2013

The meaning of the song Mr. bright side

Brandon Flowers also talked about what the song “Mr. Brightside” is about:

Her words are dedicated to one of my ex-girlfriend. All the emotions in the song are real. When I wrote the lyrics, my wounds hadn’t healed yet. “Mr. Optimism” – it’s me! I think the song has succeeded precisely because it is real. People get hooked on things like this.

NME, 2012

In another interview, Brandon Flowers admitted that he found his ex-girlfriend in a bar with another man:

I was sleeping and realized that there was some problem. I have similar instincts. I headed to Crown and Anchor and my girlfriend was there with another guy.

Q, 2009

Release and achievements

The first release of the single Mr. Brightside took place on September 29, 2003, but then the audience did not appreciate the track.

In 2004, The Killers again released a record. At that time, the composition climbed to tenth place in the US and UK charts. It also charted in other countries.

Clips bright side

Two music videos were shot for the song. The UK version is a black and white video directed by Brad Palmer.

American version of Mr. Brightside was created by Sophie Muller, inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s musical Moulin Rouge!. It starred famous actors Izabella Miko and Eric Roberts. The video was awarded the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards for Best New Artist in a Video.

Interesting Facts

  • In the first version of the video, the drum has the inscription The Genius Sex Poets. So initially the musicians were going to name the group.
  • Mr. Brightside was nominated for a Grammy but lost to Maroon 5’s This Love.
  • The single was certified double platinum in the US.
  • Singer James Blunt has said that this is his favorite song of all time.
  • Rolling Stone included it in the list of the best songs of the XXI century.
  • In the summer of 2016 Mr. Brightside has become the most played track on
  • Several British radio stations immediately recognized it as the best song of the decade.
  • The song was included in the soundtrack of the film “Exchange Vacation” with Cameron Diaz.

Lyrics of Mr. Brightside The Killers

Coming out of my cage
And I’ve been doing just fine
Gotta gotta be down
Because I want it all
It started out with a kiss
How did it end up like this
It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss
Now I’m falling asleep
And she’s calling a cab
While he’s having a smoke
And she’s taking a drag
Now they’re going to bed
And my stomach is sick
And it’s all in my head
But she’s touching his chest
Now, he takes off her dress
Now let me go

I just can’t look its killing me
And taking control
Jealousy turning saints into the sea
Swimming through sick lullabies
Choking on your alibis
But it’s just the price I pay
Destiny is calling me
Open up my eager eyes
Cause I’m Mr Brightside

Translation of the song Mr. Brightsight The Killers

I’m out of the cell
where i was fine
I’ll have to get down
‘Cause I want everything
It all started with a kiss
How could it come to this
It was just a kiss
It was just a kiss
Now I fall asleep
And she hails a taxi
While he smokes
He also lingers
Then they go to bed
And I’m sick
It’s all in my mind
But she touches his chest
Here he takes off her dress
Let me go

I can’t watch – it’s killing me
And suppresses
Jealousy drives the saints into the sea
Swim among sickening lullabies
Silences your alibi
But that’s just the price I pay
Destiny is calling me
I open passionate eyes
After all, I’m “Mr. Optimism”

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