Possession Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The arthouse horror film Possession was filmed in 1981 in the horror genre. In the center of the picture is a married couple. Mark has been on a business trip for a long time. When he returned home, he realized that his wife had moved away from him. The relationship of the spouses was strained. Sometimes Mark caught himself thinking that in front of him was not his wife, but a completely different person. The hero is trying to get to the truth. He wants the truth, no matter how bitter it is. Initially, the character assumed that his wife had cheated on him. But everything turned out to be much more serious. Over time, the life of the spouses was more like some kind of madness that turned into an endless bloody nightmare. But will the characters be able to cope with this state? How to find a way out of a difficult and dangerous situation? And the main question that worries the audience: what is the meaning of the horror film Possession.

The Hidden Meaning of the Horror Film Possession (1981)

The beginning of the movie is like a melodrama. The deceived husband finds out that his wife has not been faithful to him for more than a year. An invisible wall seemed to form between the characters. Anna has changed. This can be seen in her behavior. Mark immediately guessed that the woman was hiding something. But Possessed is not a story about a love triangle. This drama reveals such concepts as “female obsession” and “male obsession”. The differences between them are too noticeable.

The authors of the film present an exact external copy of Mark’s wife, Elena. But the man remains cold to her, despite her housekeeping, care, calmness, poise. The hero, as if by a magnet, is drawn to the hysterical woman, for whom seizures have become commonplace. Anna practically does not take care of her son. But for Mark it doesn’t matter much. The character is attracted to a vicious woman. He wants to achieve the love of one who is possessed by a demon. He will stop at nothing. Max is even ready to commit a crime for the sake of this connection. Little is known about the man’s work. All routine affairs, problems, work have gone by the wayside. He is only interested in Anna. Mark thinks about this woman around the clock. Despite all her antics, he only wants her.

The audience cannot help but notice that Anna is seriously ill. And her disease is rampant. This is not just bad behavior that goes beyond the limits established in society. The woman is in search. She is looking for someone who will match her ideals. The heroine has long made up his psychological portrait in her head. Does Anna understand that she takes the souls of those she chooses. She is not able to make her beloved men happy. With each new attempt, her inner monster grows. But she doesn’t want to get rid of him. On the contrary, she bows to him.

The woman can’t make up her mind. She is always missing something. Anna suffers from mood swings. A woman does not know what spiritual harmony and peace are. The heroine is torn between her family and what she calls the “ideal” deity. She rushes between the ordinary and exemplary, attractive. But Anna can’t make up her mind. The woman fails to find her happiness. Over time, these throwings become unbearable. She’s not just upset. The heroine is in convulsions. Despite her depravity, Anna indulges in philosophical reflections. The meaning of the film “Possessed” is that it is vital for every person to find their destiny. People are constantly in search of themselves. If they fail to find the meaning of life, they doom themselves to a gray dreary existence. Anna couldn’t handle her emotions. She then succumbed to the will of feelings, then she wanted to be an exemplary wife. The woman has not decided what is most important for her. Therefore, the ending of this story turned out to be tragic.

With the help of mannerism, excessive pretentiousness, the heroine conveys what is happening inside her. It is no coincidence that Anna wrings her hands. She is constantly haunted by mood swings. The woman is as if between two fires. A real hysteric, unable to make informed decisions. Her behavior indicates that the woman is confused in herself. She annoys the audience with her antics. But Anna can’t help it. The heroine faces a certain psychological task. A woman should surprise, shock others. A calm measured life is not for her. A woman will not survive if society is indifferent to her. She needs any emotions from others, but not their absence.

Next to such an impulsive woman at first was an insecure Mark. The character is just confused. He was mentally unprepared for this turn of events. Only after evaluating all the pros and cons, Mark realized that he only needed this woman. Explosive, hysterical, obsessive. It is for such a woman that he is ready to go to the most rash acts.

It’s not just a one-time movie. The film Possession is a film-thinking. It is impossible to say exactly what the main idea is in the work. Each viewer understands this story in their own way. One thing is for sure. Love can heal and kill. A person who has strong and deep feelings for another cannot always act rationally and correctly.

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