Antichrist Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The Antichrist is a horror drama film released in 2009. It was directed and also written by Lars von Trier.

What is Antichrist about?

The heroine of the film is studying the theories of homicide. She is a dominate girl, so the theme of her work was not chosen by chance. Realizing on a subconscious level that she has deviations, She tries in every possible way to find an excuse for her cruel deeds. Continuing to work on her theories, she mocks her own child, torments him. This will later be known from photographs and after the autopsy.

Photos were found in the house, which were taken consciously to capture sadism, and subsequently admire the terrible deeds. So like to do many psychopaths and maniacs.

At the very beginning of the film, the heroine reports that the work on her dissertation is over, supposedly the topic is no longer important. In fact, things were a little different. She simply came up with an answer to her most important question, which was a way to justify herself for all of these things.

She talks a lot about the anger of female nature, as well as about demons and the devil. Mentally, she begins to shift all the blame on the latter. They say that he is the culprit of the fact that I torture my son.

The meaning of the film “Antichrist” by Lars von Trier

A slow and silent scene of Her and Him. The heroes are busy having sex in the shower and do not notice what is happening around. Then they are the same, but in the bedroom. You can see the baby monitor, which is switched to silent mode, and a small child who is crying heart-rendingly for his parents. The heroes of the silent scene are so engrossed in their occupation that they completely do not notice the child who got out of the arena and came to their bedroom.

The window opens and the unwanted child goes to him. Large beautiful snowflakes are flying outside. The child manages to climb onto the table, and from there exit the window, breaking to death in the process. She notices her son jumping from the window. At this moment, she experiences an ecstasy. The realization comes that she is a monster, and the devil has nothing to do with what is happening. The psyche does not tolerate this stress.

The next scene is a funeral procession. He is killed by tears. She walks away. With an emotionless face. She suddenly collapses. And if earlier the faces of the surrounding people were out of focus, now, when they gathered around her, you can see that the features of each are blurred. That is, the faces of other people cannot be distinguished. This concept of the film is aimed at concentrating all the attention of the viewer on only two heroes.

Her emotions are blocked. The process of mourning, which would be natural, has not been started. She ends up in the hospital, which is quite logical. In the process of treatment, the heroine’s mind is removed from reality. A house in the forest for her mind in the process of treatment is something bad. The heroine cannot remember that evil, because the brain, in its own interests, does not allow her to do this. Her conscience is tormented by torments because of the actions that the mind hides, not allowing it to be remembered. The husband naively believes that his wife is killed because of the loss of a child.

During psychotherapy, He thinks that he is helping his wife come to terms with the bitterness of loss. In fact, he returns the monster. Her psyche is preparing to return to the place of the psychopath. A photograph of a child in which he is tormented allows her to finally remember everything. Uncontrollable rage, which came with memories, pours out on her husband. He almost ended up buried alive. With the advent of awareness, she decides to dig it out.

The deception of the mind makes one believe that there should be no responsibility for actions. This fantasy does not allow you to take responsibility and blame for the death of a child.

The meaning of the ending Antichrist

The wife apologizes and cries. When asked if she wants to kill him, the answer is that when three beggars come, someone must die.

He kills her and burns her at the stake, which is quite natural, and goes to the forest, which is full of bodies. At this moment comes the realization that the grief was actually unusual, and the diagnosis was erroneous. Stopping to eat berries, He notices a huge number of girls rushing towards him. And all these girls have no face.

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