The Green Mile Review: What Does the Ending of Mean?

Frank Darabont’s The Green Mile was released in 1999.The Meaning Of The Film, Interesting Facts, Ending. An addictive storyline and an incredible game of actors do not let you tear yourself away from the screen throughout the entire 3 hours of viewing. What so touches the strings of the soul of viewers? What is the meaning of the film “The Green Mile”?

Plot Summary The Green Mile

Before analyzing the meaning of the film The Green Mile, let us briefly recall its content.

Elderly man Paul Edgecomb tells his friend from the nursing home the story of his life.

In 1935, the hero worked as a warden in the Green Mile, a department of the prison for those sentenced to the estimated execution in the electric chair. At that time, he had 4 subordinates:

  • Brutus Howell, Dean Stanton, Harry Terwilliger are comrades you can always rely on;
  • Percy Wetmore is a protege of an influential person. A nasty, evil, cruel, cowardly overseer who dreamed of committing the death penalty.

It is interesting! Doug Huchitson, who played Percy Wetmore, hid his real age from the director in order to get the role. Of his 39 years, he gave out only 30.

One day, a huge Negro suicide bomber named John Coffey is brought to the department. He was accused of raping and killing two little girls. Despite his large stature, John appears to be very kind and helpful. In addition, the guy has supernatural powers – he can read minds and heal people.

John Coffey manages to cure Edgecomb of urolithiasis and revive the dying mouse. Paul begins to doubt the guilt of the black prisoner.

The warden’s wife (Melinda) was diagnosed with brain cancer. Paul devises a plan to rescue her with the help of Coffey. The black man is brought to the woman’s home – a magical healing takes place.

Upon arriving at the prison, John instills Melinda’s illness in Percy. He goes crazy and kills the restless prisoner William Wharton. Coffey gives part of his gift to Paul. Edgecomb was able to see with his own eyes that it was not John who killed the two girls, but the pervert Wharton. Coffey was just trying to save them.

Paul offers John to run away, but the black guy does not want to live anymore, he is tired. His last wish is to see a movie before he dies.

After Coffey’s execution, Paul Edgecomb was transferred to a juvenile prison. Now, at 108 years old, having survived his wife and son, he was left alone, with a mouse saved in 1935. Together with the gift from Coffey, he got the opportunity to live an infinitely long life.

On a note! The film “The Green Mile”, the meaning and plot of which are taken from the book of the same name by Stephen King, in 2000 received 3 Saturn Awards in the categories “Best Thriller”, “Best Supporting Actor” (Michael Duncan) and “Best Supporting Actress” plan” (Patricia Clarkson).

The Green Mile Ending Explanation

What is the meaning of the film “The Green Mile”?

The thriller tells about a man who, despite all life’s difficulties and the position of a warden, remains kind, sympathetic, understanding. Paul treats his prisoners like his own children. Regardless of the deeds of the past, he is trying to alleviate the fate of suicide bombers, to help them survive the path to death.

The meaning of the film “The Green Mile” is how important it is to remain human in all life situations. It turns out that even criminals sentenced to death need understanding and support. We are all people – the slogan of the main character of the picture.

Appearance is deceiving

John Coffey – huge, healthy, black – the true hero of the horror movie. When he is brought to death row, everyone looks at him with a genuine sense of fear. But how the hero turns out to be in reality: kind, gentle, vulnerable, sympathetic. He helps people by giving them himself, his strength and energy. A true black angel.

Suddenly! Michael Duncan and David Morse, who played Coffey and Howell, are actually the same height.

The hidden meaning of the “Green Mile” is the deceitful appearance. To see the dignity of a person, you need to know him better. And not every warden is capable of this.

“Their love killed them…” Coffey said these words about the two dead girls. The sisters were silent to save each other. So they helped Wharton kill them.

Life is insanely cruel. John could no longer see how some kill with impunity, while others easily become victims of murderers, unwittingly helping criminals. Therefore, he prefers death in the electric chair to the contemplation of earthly horrors.

The meaning of the name “Green Mile”

The Green Mile is the path that prisoners take to the electric chair. Why mile? Even at the moment of an accident, in a matter of seconds, a person’s entire life flies before their eyes. And each sentenced to death on the way to it will be able to experience, realize all the good and bad, good and evil, worthwhile and meaningless in the past life. And it’s certainly not less than a mile.

What is the essence of the ending

The film ends with the return of the viewer to the old age of the hero. Paul blames himself for killing “God’s miracle”. And although Coffey himself asked to be put in the electric chair, Edgecomb cannot forgive himself. And he considers his long life and the endlessly stretching green mile (expectation of death) to be a punishment for what he has done.

The Green Mile is a movie with the deepest meaning. It is these pictures that allow you to forget for a moment about the cruelty and injustice of this world.

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