Squid Game Movie Meaning & Plot Summary

The South Korean series Squid Game Explanation Ending Of The Series, released in mid-September 2021 on Netflix, instantly became the most talked about project. Those who have already managed to watch the tape share in social networks their vision of what the meaning of what is shown in the series The Squid Game is.

Many parents who have heard of the film are wondering if teenagers should be allowed to watch it. What is the phenomenon of the series and what is its main idea will help to understand a detailed analysis of the picture.

Plot Summary

The plot of the series at first glance seems quite simple. Several hundred people agree to take part in the competition, where the prize is billions of dollars. But in the film, the squid game takes on a different meaning to the plot after the conditions put forward by the players become known. Losing players are waiting for death. It is impossible to stop the game, but the decision of the majority of the participants of the competition can be stopped.

456 people agreed to participate in the competition. Among them:

  • Song Ki Hoon is a player who is mired in debt;
  • Cho Sang Woo – Son’s friend who stole money from clients of the company he worked for;
  • Oh Il Nam is player number 001, who suffers from brain cancer.

In total, participants are offered 6 games. The meaning of the series The Squid Game will become clearer after a brief summary of the essence of the games.

The quieter you go, the further you’ll get

Players are led to a playground with a huge doll at one end. Participants need to have time to get to the other end of the site while the doll is singing, while her head is turned away and she does not see the running ones.

At the moment when the doll stops singing and turns, you can not move. The participants noticed by the doll are considered losers and they are shot.

Interesting! The prototype of the doll was the character of Korean children’s textbooks – Yonhee.

By the end of the first game, 201 people are still alive, most of whom vote to end the competition. Players are sent home. But after a while, 187 people decide to return to the game.

sugar honeycombs

Returning players are divided into 4 teams. Each of the teams is invited to choose one of the shapes – a circle, a triangle, an asterisk or an umbrella.

In the second round of the Squid Game, the goal of the task is to cut out cookies of the desired shape from the hardened caramel without breaking it. Run time – 10 minutes.

Losing participants have their organs harvested for sale. 108 people made it to the second round, but after a night of carnage arranged by the participants themselves in order to increase the amount of winnings, 80 people remain alive.

tug of war

Players are divided into teams of 10 people. A lottery is used to select the teams that will compete with each other. The team that manages to pull the rope over itself wins. By the end of the round, half of the players are eliminated.

Interesting! According to the director, he intentionally made the rules of the games simple and easy, choosing “The Squid Game” as the title so that the audience would delve deeper into the meaning of the plot, rather than trying to understand the rules of the competition.


Players are divided into pairs. Each is given 10 pebbles. Clutching a handful of stones in the palm of your hand, the player holds out his hand to the opponent, asking if it is even or odd. If the opponent guesses correctly, he takes the number of stones that he has in his hand. Otherwise, he gives up his stones.

The winner is the one who takes 10 stones from the opponent. As a result, only 16 participants advance to the next round.

glass bridge

In front of the players is a bridge consisting of two tracks. One of them is made of durable glass that can withstand even two people, the second is fragile, crumbling under the weight of a person.

Three people manage to cross the bridge: Ki Hoon, his friend San Woo, and Kang Se-baek’s girlfriend. But later, Cho kills the girl.

Squid game

In the last round, friends will have to fight each other. One of them should become a defender, the second – an attacker.

In the squid game, the point is to get to the head of the painted mollusk. Each player has a knife in his hand.

At the last moment, Son refuses to plunge a knife into a friend lying prostrate on the ground. But San Woo plunges the knife into his own throat. Song Ki Hoon wins 45.6 billion won.

Having won, Son returns home, but finds his mother dead. After some time, Son learns that the old man numbered 001 was the creator of the game. But, despite the fact that the old man died, the game continues.

Kee Hong, determined to go to America to fetch his daughter, on his way to the airport sees a man playing with the same stranger who lured him into the game. Taking the business card from the man, Son calls to find out who is now behind the game.

Interesting! Coincidentally, the phone number on the business card belonged to a South Korean who was bombarded with calls from fans of the series. The man was even offered to buy a phone number, but he refused.

Plot Explanation

In the film playing squid, the meaning of the plot can be interpreted from different points of view. On the one hand, using the example of the participants in the game, the authors reveal the main human vices and sins.

According to the terms of the game, the prize can be received by both one player and several if they pass the test. But the heroes, instead of uniting, begin to kill each other.

The drama “Playing Squid” also contains a metaphorical meaning. The players are a miniature society. For the sake of money, they are ready to give a bribe, sleep with someone, use force, betray friends. But gradually they come to terms with absurd and cruel rules and are ready to shift the responsibility to those they have never seen.

There is also a hidden meaning in The Game of Squid, revealing the theme of class inequality. Through the story shown in the film, the authors castigate the social ulcers of modern capitalist society.

What is the essence of the ending

The main meaning of “The Squid Game” is explained in Ki Hoon’s last conversation with the creator of the game, shown in episode 9.

It says that money does not guarantee a happy life. And if the poor are dissatisfied with life because of a lack of funds, then it seems boring to the rich because of an excess of funds. But even wealth does not save from death.

The dispute of the heroes about helping a homeless person who is freezing on the street is also indicative. The old man is sure that no one will help the drunk, but the police take him away and Ki Hoon wins the argument.

This episode at the end of the film “The Squid Game” reveals the true meaning of human existence. Kindness, humanity, love for one’s neighbor – this is something that cannot be bought and that will save the world.

In the final shots, a transformed Song Ki Hoon appears before the viewer, who dyed his hair red. By this, the authors wanted to show the rage, anger and anger that overwhelmed the hero, directed at the organizers of the deadly game. Many believe that the color red in the movie The Squid Game explains the meaning of the ending. Song Ki decided to return to the game to deal with its organizers.

Living without money is difficult. But greed breeds cruelty. And everyone gets what they deserve as a result. This is the main philosophical meaning of the film “The Squid Game”.

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