The Master and Margarita Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film “The Master and Margarita” is based on the novel of the same name by M.A. Bulgakov. The famous phrase “Manuscripts do not burn!” became the motto of creative work. Mikhail Bulgakov is a recognized genius. Amazing, bright, meaningful works came out from under his pen. The Master and Margarita is no exception. Only were the creators of the film able to convey the main idea of ​​the novel, or did they try to show their own vision of this story? Let’s try to figure it out.

The meaning of the film “The Master and Margarita”

The film turned out to be reliable and informative. The director did not miss a single detail. All phrases and remarks are taken from the work of the same name. The actors were able to masterfully perform their roles. Thin and shiny! Persuasive and bold. And very Bulgakovian.

Every character in the movie deserves attention. Yeshua. When he looks at the prosecutor, an anxious curiosity is read in his eyes. He is persistent, but at the same time soft. The character makes a clear argument. He just can’t go unheard. The image of Pilate is bright, solid. However, he has a lot of pain in his heart. He is unhappy, although he tries not to show it. I want to listen to the dialogues of these two characters so as not to lose a single hidden meaning. It is important to observe not actions, but facial expressions, feelings, a subtle change in the voice of the characters.

Woland is a domineering and concentrated hero. He clearly knows what he wants. You won’t get through it that easily. He skillfully controls the intonation of his voice, and goosebumps run from his gaze. Master. He deserves separate words. The character cannot find inner harmony. He seeks peace, but he can’t find it. The master has already lost all hope for the establishment of inner peace. His soul is wounded, it bleeds. This brings him unbearable suffering. The situation seems hopeless to him.

The film “The Master and Margarita” turned out to be complex and multifaceted. Interweaving of thoughts, emotions, feelings. Initially, viewers believe that this is a tragic story. Woland appears in the company of his retinue. After that, inexplicable mystical events begin to occur. However, while watching the movie, viewers several times catch themselves thinking that this poignant story is about finding oneself and the meaning of life. Someone goes through this path easily and carefree. Others face a lot of trials and problems. But everyone has their own path.

The meaning of the finale of the film “The Master and Margarita”

The film “The Master and Margarita” touches upon various issues that concern society. The director focused his attention on the confrontation between good and evil, courage and cowardice, loyalty and betrayal. Sometimes the boundaries between these concepts become too thin. A person can easily violate the principles that seemed unshakable to him. The most striking example is Margarita. The heroine dreams of reuniting with her beloved. But to achieve her goal, she uses strange methods. The heroine decides to make a deal with the Devil himself. What prompted her to take such a bold step? Is pure and sincere love capable of such a thing?

The action of the film takes place in times of ruthless repression. Brutal 30s. Denunciations during this period became the norm. The characters are driven by cowardice. They want to change the situation, but they can’t do anything. No one can dare to go against the system. Heroes are afraid of punishment. Everyone thinks about himself. To intercede even for the innocent becomes beyond their strength. They cannot commit an act that can have unpleasant consequences for them. Therefore, the heroes begin to put up with the cruelty and injustice reigning everywhere. And they can be understood, because everyone fears for their lives.

The film “The Master and Margarita”: explanation of the plot & ending

The meaning of the finale of the film “The Master and Margarita” is that good and evil are interconnected. It is almost impossible to separate one from the other. Sometimes people do not think that their actions can have sad consequences. Not everyone is ready to take responsibility for their actions. The choice is not an easy task. However, only the person himself can do it. He should not pay attention to conversations behind his back, gossip and rumors. This is his life path. And the person himself is responsible for everything that happens on him.

There are a lot of films about the meaning of life. But the tape “Master and Margarita” is a special work. In the film, not only real events take place, but also mystical phenomena occur. It is difficult to draw the line between reality and fiction. “Everything will be right, the world is built on this.” Good goes hand in hand with evil. Punishment comes close to compassion. Oppositely colored emotions are intertwined, forming the mood of the characters. Everyone understands what is right. But to put it into practice is almost impossible.

At the end of the story, viewers get acquainted with the changes that have occurred in the characters. It is up to the audience to decide how the film ends. Perhaps this is the delusion of a mentally unbalanced person. Or maybe all the events turned out to be real. The Master and Margarita found peace. But what is its price? Are they satisfied with the result? The creators of the film do not give an unambiguous answer to these questions.

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