Koko-di Koko-da Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The horror film “Koko-di Koko-da” impresses with its plot. A married couple, faced with terrible grief three years ago, again gets into trouble. But how can the characters break out of the vicious circle, how can they stop living the same day over and over again? How to become stronger than circumstances and allow yourself to be happy again? The director of the film “Koko-di Koko-da” tried to answer these questions with his work. What is the true meaning of this horror movie? What is this picture about?

What is the movie Koko-di Koko-da about?

A young married couple has been saving money for a vacation for a long time. The required amount was collected and the couple decided to go on a trip. The choice of heroes fell on a fascinating tour, consisting of visits to the most famous sights of the country. However, the mood of the spouses was overshadowed by an unpleasant incident. Heroes along the way knocked down a dog right on the track. The couple needed to switch from this incident to something else. It seems that all the bad things are in the past. However, the girl can not come to her senses after what happened.

The heroine is sure that this is a bad sign. She is very scared and depressed. The girl asked her husband to turn around and go back home. The hero tried to calm his companion. He flatly refused to believe her words about the impending disaster. The girl calmed down. The couple continued on a seemingly interesting and pleasant journey.

It’s night outside. The heroes are in a dense gloomy forest. To keep warm and drive away unhappy thoughts, the couple lit a fire. The characters decided to make a halt right in the dense thicket of trees. In the morning, the spouses were waiting for a meeting with uninvited guests. The cast of the abandoned circus presented the heroes with many claims. Will the family be able to break the vicious circle and escape from the dense forest?

The meaning of the movie Koko-di Koko-da

Atmospheric bright horror film “Coco-dee Coco-da” borders on insanity. However, the meaning of the film lies on the surface. Man must learn from his mistakes. Everyone knows this. However, we step on the same rake over and over again. Troubles, mistakes, failures do not teach us anything. Therefore, we do not solve our problems, but double them. Our fears, obsessive thoughts, self-doubt are like a snowball, which only increases year after year.

Why are people not accustomed to discussing their problems? Why are we afraid to ask for help? A person does not want to seem stupid and ridiculous. We are not looking for the reason due to which our mistake occurred. We blame everyone around, but the responsibility for our actions, deeds, words lies only with us. In pursuit of illusory happiness, the desire to do everything at once, we forget to listen to ourselves. A person runs through life, not noticing anything and no one around. Plans, goals, tasks. We cannot just live and enjoy life.

The point of the film “Koko-di Koko-da” is to encourage every person to think about their existence. Deep misunderstanding in a married couple. Unwillingness to listen and hear each other. After the irreparable loss – the death of their daughter – the couple moved away even more. Heroes have ceased to be interested in their lives. They just go with the flow. Without goals, dreams, hobbies. Groundhog Day dragged on for many years.

All our lives we strive to achieve the ideals that society imposes on us. We envy those who are better than us, higher, stronger, more successful. In this situation, you can forget about a harmonious and joyful life. Only we can help ourselves to become truly happy. Don’t blame everyone around you for your problems. The way out of a difficult situation is closer than it seems at first glance. Remember, he is always there.

How to survive a terrible tragedy? How to find the strength to enjoy every day again? These questions are answered by the film “Koko-di Koko-da”. Family relationships should help people cope with problems, not cause them. Spouses should become for each other native people who can be trusted in any situation. There will always be problems and difficulties. All families go through certain trials. It is important not to give in to circumstances. If trouble happens, it is necessary to look for solutions together, and not move away from each other. Otherwise, problems will completely absorb you, and you will become a hostage to your experiences and suffering.

The meaning of the ending of the movie Koko-di Koko-da

Sophisticated and filled with deep meaning, the film “Koko-di Koko-da” touches on the problems of many people. From the once happy newlyweds, the heroes turned into closed and aloof characters. They seemed to be lost in this life. The finale of the film “Koko-di Koko-da” shows how the characters are trying to break the vicious circle and solve the accumulated problems. However, you should always start with yourself. We carry “tons” of memories of past mistakes. It is important to get rid of the burden of unresolved conflicts, the troubles of misses. Then life will sparkle with new colors.

The director at the end of the film “Koko-di Koko-da” makes the viewer think that there is always a way out. It seems that it did not work out, it did not grow together, a dead end. Over time, you realize that this is not the end, but a sharp turn, the beginning of a new life. When one door closes, another is bound to open. It is important not to miss this moment.

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