Halloween Kills Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Halloween Kills. What Ended The Mess With Michael Myers? What ended the mess with Michael Myers on the eve of the final part of the trilogy? The story of Michael Myers is a huge universe that attracts fans of horror films. In recent years, the number of paintings where you can see the familiar masked killers has increased significantly. This indicates popularity and demand in the market.

In anticipation of the last part of the new Myers trilogy, we offer a brief retelling of the plot with a spoiler about the end of the film. If you are ready for this, sit back, it will be interesting.

And if you haven’t seen the Halloween Kills trailer yet, here it is.

Brief information

Halloween Kills is a 2021 horror and thriller film directed by David Gordon Green. The actors and images used by him were laid down at the end of the 20th century by the famous John Carpenter.

The film

In 1978, the canonical Halloween movie was released, and since then there have been a ton of spin-offs and sequels. And in 2018, Green proposed to restart the franchise with a new trilogy, and received the approval of studio bosses.

The new film will focus on Laurie Strode, who will again fight with Michael Myers. However, the narrative here is non-linear, and many may think that they are watching a complete mess. But first things first.

The plot for understanding the picture

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It can be seen that the director is trying to bring to the fore the three female characters of the franchise: Laurie, Karen and Allison. At the same time, each expresses different thoughts regarding the victory over the maniac.

To emphasize the magnitude of the events taking place in the city of Haddonfield, Green uses less familiar and iconic characters from the franchise. For example, Tommy Doyle, who successfully tries to mobilize local residents to fight Myers.

However, his attempt fails, and the maniac arranges a bloody harvest.

Another positive decision by Green is the deliberate separation of Myers and Laurie on opposite sides of the story, so that the viewer anticipates the final battle between the characters.

However, along with this, there is little to do for Laurie in the film, and for most of the running time she simply talks about the nature of evil, and the possibilities of defeating it.

How did the movie end

The film

Laurie believes at the beginning of the film that Myers has returned to Haddonfield to hunt her. However, this theory turns out to be fundamentally erroneous – the maniac just wants to return to his home, where back in 1963 he killed his own sister Judith. And he just kills everyone who meets him on the way to the goal.

The film ends with an allegory that Michael’s completely evil nature cannot be defeated by brute force and simple weapons. This conclusion of the surviving characters gives us the groundwork for the final confrontation with Myers in the final part of the trilogy.

As for the intermediate results, the plot shows us the massacre of local residents who could not kill Michael – he managed to resurrect thanks to his stamina and commitment to fulfilling his goal

In addition to the mass of corpses that Myers left behind in the latest film to date, the main female characters emphasize that the maniac’s influence on the city is much stronger. A veil of fear and despair hangs over the American town, which Myers himself seems to sign.

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However, whether he can win in the last film of the trilogy, we will find out very soon. This is where our article ends. If you liked it, or have your own thoughts on the open ending of Halloween Kills, be sure to write in the comments. Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon.

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