Future Diary Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Japanese anime has firmly entered the life of the modern viewer. And this is no coincidence, because the pictures of Japanese cinema are characterized by deep meaning, interesting twists and turns in the plot and an unexpected denouement, which is still worth thinking about. The film “Future Diary” presents an original view of life, when pleasant and seemingly simple moments suddenly turn into serious setbacks, and sometimes almost a tragedy. Not too complicated plot is easily perceived even by an unprepared viewer, but after a short time it turns out that it is simply impossible to tear yourself away from the screen. And every minute the development of events is so addictive that you find yourself literally next to the main characters and experience their adventures with them.

What will be discussed in the picture

The film will tell us about a typical outcast, a loner who is closed in on himself. Amano Yukitero spends his days poring over his own mobile diary. He observes events and carefully records them in his notes. Such a life has been going on for a long time, without diluting anything and not changing at all, he remains an indifferent observer. However, Yuki is quite happy with everything, the events in his life flow slowly.

Of Yuki’s friends and interlocutors, only Deus is the god of time and space, which, according to the young man, he himself invented. But at a certain point, everything suddenly changes when it turns out that Deus is a very real person. After all, God managed to endow Yuki’s diary with a mystical property to show the events of the very near future! At first glance, it seems that this is happiness: live, look and observe.

But in reality, everything turns out to be more complicated, since it turns out that 11 more people have similar diaries. And all of them are involved in an insidious game against their own will. Only one of them can become the winner in it, and the game is no more and no less, but for survival. That is, the price of life becomes the stake in a difficult game.

The main idea of ​​the anime

The plot unfolds so quickly that the viewer is instantly drawn into the events. And it is not surprising, because the weak-willed Yuki, as he is shown in the first part of the manga, is simply forced by circumstances to become a self-confident, courageous hero. Yes, yes, a dangerous game of survival will force anyone to find the strength in themselves to literally reincarnate!

In addition, our main character, having received, in addition to the official mystical diary, a personal stalker named Yuno Gasai, meets love in her own face. For her sake, Yuki is able to survive in a difficult situation and win her reciprocity. In a more global sense, the picture shows the process of becoming the God of the world, because it is the winner in the battle of the diary owners who will take the rightful place of Deus.

Therefore, the story shown in the anime “Future Diary” will be of interest to everyone who prefers the active development of the plot, the presence of several lines in the story at once and a happy happy ending. And the characteristic features inherent in Japanese anime will give a special charm to the presented picture.

The idea of ​​the authors

The presented interesting title has several messages to its viewer. Careful viewing will reveal them, but the interpretation may be different.

First, it turns out that the content of the diaries directly depends on its author. Which is not surprising, because the writer of the notes is guided by his own thoughts and interests. Therefore, in the diary of the observer and thinker Yuki, the entries are mostly abstracted from real life, it contains notes-observations. The diary of Yuno, who is obsessed with Yuki, writes only about him, her thoughts and, accordingly, the entries are filled with her idol. And Uno Minene, a terrorist forced to hide and hide, writes only about running.

Secondly, depending on the direction of thoughts of those who write their diaries, the entries in them are subjective. So, the person who keeps the records can be influenced. By influencing the thoughts of the writer of the note, it is also possible to deceive the writer, which is what anime characters do, as the viewer will see as they watch it.

And thirdly, fate can be influenced. Having described something in their diary, the heroes have a real opportunity at some point to step aside or take an active part in the ongoing events. This is how the law of changing fate comes into force – both one’s own and those of others, because even the slightest step to the side entails changes in the lives of people around.

The picture shows three parallel worlds, which allows the characters to travel through time. And here there are no dangerous time distortions, since such travel is possible only if a new world is created. In the anime, two conflicting futures are shown, in one of which Yuki did not take part in any bloody massacre and calmly meets Wakabe, and in the second version of the future, everything took place. And here the pronounced subjectivity of the observer is noted: Yuki, who is with Wakabe, will have a different future in comparison with Yuki, who has become a site of bloody battles.

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